so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

i can see clearly now!

got new glasses. everything is in 3d. this is my new theme song. i cant stop smiling. i see you for the liars you are. and im ok with that.

Asians At Work


May 19, 2013 NJ dessert expo!

My spot is reserved. Buy tickets early. Gonna be a caloric overdose for 4 hours. Come see me.

Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays

happy birthday MJ

MercTV: 2-person Field & Stream Magnum Hunter Ground Blind

It was on sale so i bought it. probably use it for evil purposes. wither way, i know im not hunting. Probably get the matching camo clothes to complete the look.

You get more performance out of your CREE LED mini flashlight if you swap out your 1.5v NiMH batteries for 3.7v Li-Ion batteries. But don't use them for anything with sensitive electronics like music players or remotes. You will damage them. 
My flashlight is twice as bright, and lasts longer. Good purchase. 

MercTV: Just Another Beach Day With A Hula Hoop

i didnt even see her bring it to the beach. but its better than i can do for now, until i get my practice on. next beach trip someone is going to get shown up....