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Bluetooth OnOff. by JUNG DISK for iOS

Love your bluetooth on your iOS device, but hate the 4 steps it takes to turn it off, then another 4 steps to turn it off cuz you know leaving it on kills your battery. Searching for that app or waiting for an update to take care of that cuz you dont want to jail break? Wait no more. Yesterday JUNG DISK released their app called Bluetooth OnOff.
It is exactly what i have been searching for! Install the app, and when ou launch it, a screen pops up with a toggle switch that says on/off. But its still 2 steps, open app, switch toggle. But if you go into settings, and turn on the only option when you go to OnOff, then close the app and relaunch, voila! Make it a home screen icon and its one touch bluetooth on or off. The app doesnt even open anymore, just watch  your BT icon come and go as you hit the home screen icon. Finally, the search is over. Get it. It is worth the $0.99.


Anonymous said...

I downloaded it ant i LOVE it!!!!!