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MercTV: 2-person Field & Stream Magnum Hunter Ground Blind

It was on sale so i bought it. probably use it for evil purposes. wither way, i know im not hunting. Probably get the matching camo clothes to complete the look.

You get more performance out of your CREE LED mini flashlight if you swap out your 1.5v NiMH batteries for 3.7v Li-Ion batteries. But don't use them for anything with sensitive electronics like music players or remotes. You will damage them. 
My flashlight is twice as bright, and lasts longer. Good purchase. 

MercTV: Just Another Beach Day With A Hula Hoop

i didnt even see her bring it to the beach. but its better than i can do for now, until i get my practice on. next beach trip someone is going to get shown up....

Bluetooth OnOff. by JUNG DISK for iOS

Love your bluetooth on your iOS device, but hate the 4 steps it takes to turn it off, then another 4 steps to turn it off cuz you know leaving it on kills your battery. Searching for that app or waiting for an update to take care of that cuz you dont want to jail break? Wait no more. Yesterday JUNG DISK released their app called Bluetooth OnOff.
It is exactly what i have been searching for! Install the app, and when ou launch it, a screen pops up with a toggle switch that says on/off. But its still 2 steps, open app, switch toggle. But if you go into settings, and turn on the only option when you go to OnOff, then close the app and relaunch, voila! Make it a home screen icon and its one touch bluetooth on or off. The app doesnt even open anymore, just watch  your BT icon come and go as you hit the home screen icon. Finally, the search is over. Get it. It is worth the $0.99.

GoPro Magnetic Flat Mount

This comes in CHROME, BLACK 

Quickly set up that shot you need and get back into the action!
GoPro supplied you with a buckle for a reason, go from helmet or board, 
to the magnet pulled out of your pocket, in seconds.
Dont miss out on something you could have got on tape 
cuz you couldn't set up in time.
Heavy Duty magnet will stick anywhere to get that shot you want without fear of falling off. 
Car doors, bridges, scaffolding, rails, poles, anywhere magnets stick. Very versatile.

Track tested and used at speeds 130+ mph by Bryan Hedian Racing
2011 season 1st overall in his class for Global Time Attack
This magnet mount used to film his videos including the following video
-hood facing driver / door facing front wheels / door facing rear wheels

Also a good idea is to tether it with a rope or lanyard in the event it gets knocked off,
you dont lose it without notice on a track or the bottom of the ocean.
You will receive one unit by First Class USPS with confirmation.
Camera not included.
Item not made by GoPro 
I have this item and I love it. It is so versatile and setting up shots is a snap. Getting 3rd person shots is a snap, especially when you have to change the angles. no more readjusting a clamp mount, roll bar mount or the suction cup. Find a place it sticks, and just move it around as desired, very freely. I even adjusted it while driving, when it was stuck to my car door and moved it to the roof to get shots of my friend on his motorcycle. Such a great item to have in my arsenal of accessories. Simple yet effective.
You got to get one of these!

pick from chrome, black or carbon :)

Free shipping to the 48 states. No canada or international sales.

EMC2 Accelerate Your Cloud corporate event @ Pole Position Raceway NY/NJ 2-22-12

EMC2 hosts their corporate meeting at P2R in JC. The event started off with a breakfast buffet. The day progressed into different topic discussions from dynamic speakers for the company's cloud. A brief lunch period, more topic based speakers, then the day ended with a RC car for each guest with mini racetrack to compete with each other. The real fun started on the main track where racers went head to head on the 1/4 mile indoor track at speeds up to 45mph.

To see some pictures from the event, please visit HERE

You and your company can have a fun filled corporate event like this. Just contact Pole Position Raceway for more info:
(201) 333-7223
99 Caven Point Road
Jersey City, NJ 07305

Escape to Total Rewards

Escape to Total Rewards: Escape to Total Rewards! We invite you to play our fun new game for a chance at over 90,000 prizes! #PlotYourEscape


i won $25 for a couple clicks.

1999-2011 State, DC, US Terrotories, and National Park quarter program 66 coins

By now you know there is a quarter program going on. If you havent started or are thinking about starting, up until 2011 there are 66 coins total as pictured below. 50 per state release 1999-2008. 6 released in 2009 for DC and US Territories. And 5 per year from 2010 to 2021 for national parks under the program named 'America the Beautiful'

I have collected the 66 coins in its entirety for 1999-2011 in uncirulated mint state condition each pulled from mint rolls not bags. these are not picked from change given or the like. they are handled as little as possible by the edge with gloves.

If you want to start hit me up. i made a few extra sets to sell. the coins are kept in plastic rolls away from moisture and damage. and will include display folders for you to place the coins, one folder can be filled with state and territories and will be completed. athe other folder will have 2010 and 2011 and the rest will be relesed in coming years. this would be a great place to start.

MercTV: 2012 Go Kart Battle 3 for

2012 is another year for and its events. Had a get together at Pole Position in Jersey City to start off the year and get the word out. Check for the upcoming schedule of events.

Monster Energy


MercTV: Pole Position Raceway NY/NJ scenes

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

everyone feels this way yet everyone does it to themselves.