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Honda Day Englishtown, NJ August 13, 2011

The cars, the vendors, the races the fans. Everything HondaDay! This is just day 1 of two!

Import DPS Honda Day presented by Vraceworks -- Old Bridge Township Raceway Park

visit HondaDay for more info on the event and sponsors

footage by @ke1thXXX

Comic Con NY October 14, 2011

Keith and I made shirts for our Comic Con trip. We both wore it for the event on friday, the day dedicated to picture taking and buying stuff. $20 round trip train tickets, and a 20 minute walk from Penn Station and we were surrounded by everything comics, gaming, and media related. Many costumes to look at, few impressive, and some not so much. I am so out of the loop with character recognition, but Keith must have been more.

Going into the Anime Festival section was like being at any other anime convention, lots of costume, and lots of artist booths, nothing spectacular or over the top. The gaming area was heavily represented with big names and companies like Capcom. I was excited to see the Nintendo booth and its Mario Kart 7 test area. The Comics show area had DC and Marvel in big areas as expected with many artists selling their drawings in Artists Alley.

Saturday was reserved for us dressing up. We didnt get on the train in costume, many did. We just packed up our stuff and got dressed there. I went as Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh, and Keith went as a furry, particularly as a bunny with a mustache, reminiscent of a Labbit from Kid Robot. And wearing our Comic Con shirt.

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