so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

Final Day after 19 years. Farewell Pine Valley September 23, 2011

its been a good run. Time for a New Beginning

19 years the people of Pine Valley have influenced my life in only positive ways, helping me help people and lead by AMC influence cuz my own experienced were not substantial enough to fuel my awesome advice. But helping a friend is helping a friend no matter where the advice comes from.

I feel so lost.

Alot of these people i watched grow, and they have helped me to grow. Thank you ABC for the 19 years.
Lord, I ask You to bless my friend Bryan.

Where there is pain,
may he find peace and mercy.

Where there is self-doubt,
may he gain a renewed confidence.

Where there is weariness or exhaustion,
give him understanding, patience, and strength.

Where there is fear,
reveal your love, and offer to him your courage.

Give him a greater vision, bless his finances,
and raise up leaders and friends to support and encourage him.

May his spirit always be joyous and
his days rich and full with love and happiness,

And may he always know that he has a friend he forgotten.

MercTV: 1st annual Bimmerfest East 2011 August 6, 2011

Farcon Photography was on location with family, friends CIN and EatSleepRace. Making the trek to Ripken Stadium in Maryland with the ESR booth and a fleet of BMW's including the debut of the Farcon E30, the group had a great time at the show.