so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

Crazy Craigslist Transaction

I had this case of 72 handballs on craigslist, relisted a couple times. I was asking $50 shipped, payment by paypal only no pickups. I dont want to deal with meeting crazy people. Some dude hits me up saying he doesnt have paypal and if i would consider a money order. To brush him off i said yea, only if you send me a money order for $80. he agreed. so i wait for this money order to come and it doesnt, i relist. he contacts me again, says he will send, give him info again he and its done. at this point im mad cuz he is too lazy to read back in the same email for my info. i wait and no envelope. i relist. contacts me again, needs info, wants to meet with cash. i figure he is senile old man that doesnt know how to use email. he said he had to take the train to edison and anytime i can meet at the station is fine. i say tues or thurs cuz im free after 3. he wants fri, when im only free from 3-5. i said fine. he gets there 230, i leave what im doing early so this crazy guy doesnt have to wait long. i get to him and its a bum on a girls bike, makeshift basket, tshirt around head with a snapback ragged hat, neckhole stretched dirty shirt, holey pants, a splint on his leg, a northface backpack full like bums do, and a weight belt that reads 'handball champion of the world' written in permanent marker. i dont know how he has a phone, or even how he got on the train with all that crap. But besides his outwardly bum appearance, he was well mannered, light hearted, and nice. He said he was a handball coach and was buying the lot for the kids. kept talking about helping the kids, keeping them active keeps them away from drugs. i guess it does. taking this dudes $90 that was rolled up in a wad in his sock made me feel like i was taking food out his mouth. it was such a great feeling.