so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

Jimmy Fallons Late Night Snack

When i was told about this flavor, i had to find it.  It came up in conversation after i bought some chocolate covered potato chips, and was sharing it with the girls, and one said that there is a Ben and Jerry's ice cream with chocolate covered chips and caramel.  I knew i had to had it. the search started at the Ben and Jerry's at Harrah's, where the did not have it. Neither did the Ben and Jerry's attached to Bally's on the boardwalk.

I gave up for a little bit thinking why should i have it when I'm lactose intolerant. fast forward to the present, I'm having one of the worst weeks ever, filled with losses, losing, countless let downs and eye opening realizations. i decided to cheer myself up with my favorite pastime of bacon.  Denny's is having their baconalia! promotion with a menu of bacon filled platters and even maple bacon sundae.  I went with a friend, and the bacon did not cheer me up. on our way home I remembered that ice cream and figured, there is a few 7 elevens on the way home, ill check. well we ended up checking 5 different 7 Eleven's and 2 Quick Chek's. Nothing. I was about to just tweet if anyone could help poor old me find it. Giving up, I stopped by the old hang out to visit, told my friends of my plight and decided to check the 7 Eleven there. Nada. On our way out, we decided to go to the Pathmark to check since it was on the way. SCORE! bought a bunch of them, couldn't even fit them in the pic. This is going to seriously cheer me up after the crap i been though this week.

“This is the best ice cream flavor I’ve ever had in my entire life!” exclaimed Jimmy Fallon as he unveiled his new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor, Late Night Snack, a salty-sweet flavor that packs chocolate-covered Kettle potato chip clusters into vanilla ice cream with salty caramel ripples.