so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

We Rewards app for smartphones. Cash in with foursquare

WeReward lets you earn points for the check-ins, purchases and actions you complete. You can turn your points into cash via PayPal. In order to create a WeReward account you will need to fill out the signup form found HERE.

If you are looking for the mobile application in order to participate in WeReward, please use the following:

So many ways to earn rewards that go directly to your paypal! If you are a 4sq user, this app works with 4sq to check you in, so instead of just checking in, you check in with points that go towards cash back.  Getting paid for checkins you already do is bonus! you can get points by taking pics with certain products for easy points. and if you like downloading new apps, either paid or free, do it from this app to get additional points. 

This will definitely make it to my tweets under #freemoney @MercTV