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Power Balance

In my opinion, it creates a so called fantasy, and is mind over matter. some people need that placebo effect just to get over a couple speed bumps in life. i wear one, i feel its like wearing those livestrong bands. i bet half those kids wearing livestrong band dont even know what it stands for. they just got one cuz their friends got one.

all in the mind? sounds like the basis of religion. and scientists have been countering with evolution forever. you can only make religion so tangible, its called faith, so are these people suckers too?

As a 'scientific' person, i already knew these bands are based on applied kinesiology, but i still got one/all colors. for those of you not familiar with applied kinesiology, its like the light gun from duck hunt. did you really think you were shooting the screen? its the other way around, and if you were fooled, you might as well jump on the band wagon. but did you care? you had fun shooting those ducks and laughing with that dog.

Or another example is magic card tricks where you eventually pick a card of several and the last remaining card happens to be yours, but you were asked to pick a card, not pick a card to keep/take away, and based on your selection, the magician made that said choice, and obviously left your card there for you to be amazed. and people still go see magic shows.

It's about the mental security it can bring. the world has haters. who cares.
-Drive a prius? im sure you had your reasons.
-get whipped easily? thats your choice
-Take enzyte? we all know where that ended up.
-got a pet rock? you must be lazy or smart.
-drink water? its all you need to survive, why bother eating.
-hate your job? ask your coworkers. and you there for some reason or another, otherwise you would do something about it
-part of a pyrimid scheme? ask the ones that deny you what they think of that.
-do you really think everyone approves of your spouse/significant other? do you care what the haters think of that if you settled or not.
-play the same numbers every time for lottery? statistically that won't make you win faster

its all opinion and choices. i support power balance. follow them on twitter @PowerBalance