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"To get started, just download the CheckPoints app for your iPhone or Android mobile deivce. Then, fire up CheckPoints whenever you go shopping… whether it’s the grocery store, pharmacy, electronics store, department store, toy store… everywhere! Simply tap on your location and you’ll see nearby products you can scan to earn points. No products? No problem! You even get points for simply checking-in.

Earning points is easy. Just tap on the item you want to scan, aim your phone’s camera at the barcode, and you’re done! Each time you scan a Featured Product, you earn points along with a coin that you can use in the Bonus area to play games and win (you guessed it) even more points. Seeing too many products? Use the “Change Aisle” button to see just what’s nearest you in the store.

Racking up points is easy.  Now comes the hard part... deciding how to spend them! That's because CheckPoints has a huge selection of rewards.  From gift certificates to your favorite stores and restaurants, to airline miles and must-have electronics!  Even give back to your choice of charitable causes.  With so many great choices, what will you choose?  Just tap "Rewards" in the app to redeem points right from your phone! Many of our giftcards can even be delivered to your email for instant gratification."

So if you sign up on your iPhone or Android phone, use my bonus code 
to get an instant 300 points which is worth $1 gift card at participating retailers.