so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

@Ke1thXXX : Bart Scott NY Jets "Can't Wait" charity event at Pole Position Raceway NJ

A charity event hosted by Bart Scott of the NY Jets, to support his charity foundation "A son never forgets" and also support special guest of honor Eric Legrand's goal to walk again in the very near future. also in attendance was Mama Scott, David Banner, DJ Envy from Power 105's Breakfast Club and many other NFL players including QB Mark Sanchez, Eric Smith, Santonio Holmes, Jamal Westerman, David Harris, Antonio Cromartie, Dustin Keller, Shonn Greene, Joe Mcknight, Calvin Pace, Marquice Cole, Marcus Dixon, & Kyle Wilson.

MercTV: Race to win Jingle Ball 2011 tix @ Pole Position Raceway NY/NJ

Pole Position Raceway NY/NJ teams up with Skeery Jones of the Z100 morning show to give listeners a chance to win tickets to the sold out Jingle Ball concert at Madison Square Garden December 9.

Honda Day Englishtown, NJ August 13, 2011

The cars, the vendors, the races the fans. Everything HondaDay! This is just day 1 of two!

Import DPS Honda Day presented by Vraceworks -- Old Bridge Township Raceway Park

visit HondaDay for more info on the event and sponsors

footage by @ke1thXXX

Comic Con NY October 14, 2011

Keith and I made shirts for our Comic Con trip. We both wore it for the event on friday, the day dedicated to picture taking and buying stuff. $20 round trip train tickets, and a 20 minute walk from Penn Station and we were surrounded by everything comics, gaming, and media related. Many costumes to look at, few impressive, and some not so much. I am so out of the loop with character recognition, but Keith must have been more.

Going into the Anime Festival section was like being at any other anime convention, lots of costume, and lots of artist booths, nothing spectacular or over the top. The gaming area was heavily represented with big names and companies like Capcom. I was excited to see the Nintendo booth and its Mario Kart 7 test area. The Comics show area had DC and Marvel in big areas as expected with many artists selling their drawings in Artists Alley.

Saturday was reserved for us dressing up. We didnt get on the train in costume, many did. We just packed up our stuff and got dressed there. I went as Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh, and Keith went as a furry, particularly as a bunny with a mustache, reminiscent of a Labbit from Kid Robot. And wearing our Comic Con shirt.

Check out my pictures HERE

Check out Keith's pictures HERE

Final Day after 19 years. Farewell Pine Valley September 23, 2011

its been a good run. Time for a New Beginning

19 years the people of Pine Valley have influenced my life in only positive ways, helping me help people and lead by AMC influence cuz my own experienced were not substantial enough to fuel my awesome advice. But helping a friend is helping a friend no matter where the advice comes from.

I feel so lost.

Alot of these people i watched grow, and they have helped me to grow. Thank you ABC for the 19 years.
Lord, I ask You to bless my friend Bryan.

Where there is pain,
may he find peace and mercy.

Where there is self-doubt,
may he gain a renewed confidence.

Where there is weariness or exhaustion,
give him understanding, patience, and strength.

Where there is fear,
reveal your love, and offer to him your courage.

Give him a greater vision, bless his finances,
and raise up leaders and friends to support and encourage him.

May his spirit always be joyous and
his days rich and full with love and happiness,

And may he always know that he has a friend he forgotten.

MercTV: 1st annual Bimmerfest East 2011 August 6, 2011

Farcon Photography was on location with family, friends CIN and EatSleepRace. Making the trek to Ripken Stadium in Maryland with the ESR booth and a fleet of BMW's including the debut of the Farcon E30, the group had a great time at the show.

MercTV: Super G kart-view @ Pole Position Raceway NY/JC

Having a great time at the Pole Position in Jersey City. You'll be seeing a couple of videos from this place cuz my crew has recently bought 2 GoPro HD cameras and new video editing software. This one was shot with a Sony point and shoot with suction cup mount and edited on the Roxio software.

When you combine 2 tracks on select Mondays, you get SUPER-G, the longest indoor karting experience with electric kart that reach speeds of up to 45MPH.

Pole Position Raceway
New York/ Jersey City

99 Caven Point Road,
Jersey City, NJ 07305

201-333-7223 ph
201-333-1818 fx

Mon - Thurs 12pm - 10pm
Fri 12pm - 11pm
Sat 11am - Midnight
Sun 11am - 9pm

follow on twitter @racep2r

and then you get used to the tracks being combined, and the next time you go, you might forget that its not, and your going places that isnt there.....
Please copy this as your status if you know someone, or have heard of someone who knows someone that may know someone that knows anyone. If you don't know anyone, or even if you've heard of anyone who doesn't know anyone that doesn't know someone, then still copy this. It's important to spread this message. Oh, and the hearts ♥ ♥ and don't forget the hearts. ♥ ♥ and don't forget to like this.

McSlick's Summer Bash 2 June 16, 2011

Nestled in the back corners of Somerset, McSlick AKA the ShowCloser hosts the second of his annual events at his gated estate bringing together friends, family, and people in the loop. The weather was perfect, the drinks were flowing, especially when your party is sponsored by Monster energy, the beats were pumpin through Elite Camp and others. If you didn't get to try some of mama slick's BBQ chicken, then you were missing out. This was definitely a good time. big shout out to and @snd2non3 for pics.

2 versions, cuz i know youtube would take down the one with Party Rock Anthem

Find my man @
This was definitely the 2nd best thing to celebrating my best friends birthday, i figured he wouldn't include me on his celebrations, so here i went. 9 months and counting as of that day. 

Crazy Craigslist Transaction

I had this case of 72 handballs on craigslist, relisted a couple times. I was asking $50 shipped, payment by paypal only no pickups. I dont want to deal with meeting crazy people. Some dude hits me up saying he doesnt have paypal and if i would consider a money order. To brush him off i said yea, only if you send me a money order for $80. he agreed. so i wait for this money order to come and it doesnt, i relist. he contacts me again, says he will send, give him info again he and its done. at this point im mad cuz he is too lazy to read back in the same email for my info. i wait and no envelope. i relist. contacts me again, needs info, wants to meet with cash. i figure he is senile old man that doesnt know how to use email. he said he had to take the train to edison and anytime i can meet at the station is fine. i say tues or thurs cuz im free after 3. he wants fri, when im only free from 3-5. i said fine. he gets there 230, i leave what im doing early so this crazy guy doesnt have to wait long. i get to him and its a bum on a girls bike, makeshift basket, tshirt around head with a snapback ragged hat, neckhole stretched dirty shirt, holey pants, a splint on his leg, a northface backpack full like bums do, and a weight belt that reads 'handball champion of the world' written in permanent marker. i dont know how he has a phone, or even how he got on the train with all that crap. But besides his outwardly bum appearance, he was well mannered, light hearted, and nice. He said he was a handball coach and was buying the lot for the kids. kept talking about helping the kids, keeping them active keeps them away from drugs. i guess it does. taking this dudes $90 that was rolled up in a wad in his sock made me feel like i was taking food out his mouth. it was such a great feeling.

Hello Kitty Phone Charm to raise money

Only $6, and you get a cool charm and feel good about helping out.  I make submissions to my registered name on where I participated in the Walk to Cure Diabetes for several years. It all adds up, and every bit helps. Just trying to do my part and create an awareness and make some impact. Show your support, help out, post up and God bless.
HELLO KITTY phone charm, made of pewter. Sanrio is stamped on the back of it.
if you cant get a hold of me or dont live close, on the main page of MercTV there is a donate button for Paypal. Be sure to mention its for the JDRF foundation and include your shipping info. or use the paypal button below to make a $6 donation and with your paypal verified address get a charm sent to you.

New Beginnings

I need a New Beginning, and so aptly named because as rumor has it, AMC has been cancelled on ABC for low ratings. So now i need something else to do for an hour out of my day. Watching since 1993, recording every episode cuz it comes on at 1pm when I am at school back then or at work, i lived vicariously thru the residence of Pine Valley. I saw Erica Kane married 4 of her 12 marriages, and watched multiple people get their start from the show. now i got to go out into the real world and create my own drama. doesnt sound safe. Too bad Oprah denied taking on the soap on her network, but it was never her problem.

more on the bad news:::
Soap Opera Digest

AMC has been running since 1970. New Beginnings is the name that Erica Kane gave her talk show where she played the former host and executive producer. Daytime television will never be the same.

The Great and the Least,
The Rich and the Poor,
The Weak and the Strong,
In Sickness and in Health,
In Joy and Sorrow,
In Tragedy and Triumph,

text vote362 to 41234 'Strangers You Love'

Love is dynamic. A sonuvabitch. The highest high and lowest low one can live through. We are all heartbreakers and heartbroken, in desperate search for the stranger who'll love us for who we really are.
Created by Watson & Crick at Rutgers University in 2011 as part of Campus MovieFest, the world's largest student film festival.

Its a contest and you got to vote it up. You can do so by grabbing your phone, you know its near you, sending a text, you know how to do it, and send VOTE362 to 41234. It will only take a second and you can vote as many times as you want. Help get my friend to the next level! CampusMovieFest wont play my amateur vids, so vote for this one!

vote362 to 41234

Jimmy Fallons Late Night Snack

When i was told about this flavor, i had to find it.  It came up in conversation after i bought some chocolate covered potato chips, and was sharing it with the girls, and one said that there is a Ben and Jerry's ice cream with chocolate covered chips and caramel.  I knew i had to had it. the search started at the Ben and Jerry's at Harrah's, where the did not have it. Neither did the Ben and Jerry's attached to Bally's on the boardwalk.

I gave up for a little bit thinking why should i have it when I'm lactose intolerant. fast forward to the present, I'm having one of the worst weeks ever, filled with losses, losing, countless let downs and eye opening realizations. i decided to cheer myself up with my favorite pastime of bacon.  Denny's is having their baconalia! promotion with a menu of bacon filled platters and even maple bacon sundae.  I went with a friend, and the bacon did not cheer me up. on our way home I remembered that ice cream and figured, there is a few 7 elevens on the way home, ill check. well we ended up checking 5 different 7 Eleven's and 2 Quick Chek's. Nothing. I was about to just tweet if anyone could help poor old me find it. Giving up, I stopped by the old hang out to visit, told my friends of my plight and decided to check the 7 Eleven there. Nada. On our way out, we decided to go to the Pathmark to check since it was on the way. SCORE! bought a bunch of them, couldn't even fit them in the pic. This is going to seriously cheer me up after the crap i been though this week.

“This is the best ice cream flavor I’ve ever had in my entire life!” exclaimed Jimmy Fallon as he unveiled his new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor, Late Night Snack, a salty-sweet flavor that packs chocolate-covered Kettle potato chip clusters into vanilla ice cream with salty caramel ripples.

MercTV: Go Kart Battle 2011 for

Honda Day
April 17, 2011 at Atco Raceway
August 14, 2011 at Englishtown raceway

Taking it off the streets and onto the indoor go kart track in Jersey City at, Javier and sponsors put together a friendly competition for the anticipated events leading to HondaDay.

see photo coverage @
see goPro view by @

this video has the original soundtrack featuring the song 'Black and Yellow' that is on FaceBook

the same video with an InitialD soundtrack because the 'Black and Yellow' song was disabled by YouTube for copyright infringement.

We Rewards app for smartphones. Cash in with foursquare

WeReward lets you earn points for the check-ins, purchases and actions you complete. You can turn your points into cash via PayPal. In order to create a WeReward account you will need to fill out the signup form found HERE.

If you are looking for the mobile application in order to participate in WeReward, please use the following:

So many ways to earn rewards that go directly to your paypal! If you are a 4sq user, this app works with 4sq to check you in, so instead of just checking in, you check in with points that go towards cash back.  Getting paid for checkins you already do is bonus! you can get points by taking pics with certain products for easy points. and if you like downloading new apps, either paid or free, do it from this app to get additional points. 

This will definitely make it to my tweets under #freemoney @MercTV


"To get started, just download the CheckPoints app for your iPhone or Android mobile deivce. Then, fire up CheckPoints whenever you go shopping… whether it’s the grocery store, pharmacy, electronics store, department store, toy store… everywhere! Simply tap on your location and you’ll see nearby products you can scan to earn points. No products? No problem! You even get points for simply checking-in.

Earning points is easy. Just tap on the item you want to scan, aim your phone’s camera at the barcode, and you’re done! Each time you scan a Featured Product, you earn points along with a coin that you can use in the Bonus area to play games and win (you guessed it) even more points. Seeing too many products? Use the “Change Aisle” button to see just what’s nearest you in the store.

Racking up points is easy.  Now comes the hard part... deciding how to spend them! That's because CheckPoints has a huge selection of rewards.  From gift certificates to your favorite stores and restaurants, to airline miles and must-have electronics!  Even give back to your choice of charitable causes.  With so many great choices, what will you choose?  Just tap "Rewards" in the app to redeem points right from your phone! Many of our giftcards can even be delivered to your email for instant gratification."

So if you sign up on your iPhone or Android phone, use my bonus code 
to get an instant 300 points which is worth $1 gift card at participating retailers.

Power Balance

In my opinion, it creates a so called fantasy, and is mind over matter. some people need that placebo effect just to get over a couple speed bumps in life. i wear one, i feel its like wearing those livestrong bands. i bet half those kids wearing livestrong band dont even know what it stands for. they just got one cuz their friends got one.

all in the mind? sounds like the basis of religion. and scientists have been countering with evolution forever. you can only make religion so tangible, its called faith, so are these people suckers too?

As a 'scientific' person, i already knew these bands are based on applied kinesiology, but i still got one/all colors. for those of you not familiar with applied kinesiology, its like the light gun from duck hunt. did you really think you were shooting the screen? its the other way around, and if you were fooled, you might as well jump on the band wagon. but did you care? you had fun shooting those ducks and laughing with that dog.

Or another example is magic card tricks where you eventually pick a card of several and the last remaining card happens to be yours, but you were asked to pick a card, not pick a card to keep/take away, and based on your selection, the magician made that said choice, and obviously left your card there for you to be amazed. and people still go see magic shows.

It's about the mental security it can bring. the world has haters. who cares.
-Drive a prius? im sure you had your reasons.
-get whipped easily? thats your choice
-Take enzyte? we all know where that ended up.
-got a pet rock? you must be lazy or smart.
-drink water? its all you need to survive, why bother eating.
-hate your job? ask your coworkers. and you there for some reason or another, otherwise you would do something about it
-part of a pyrimid scheme? ask the ones that deny you what they think of that.
-do you really think everyone approves of your spouse/significant other? do you care what the haters think of that if you settled or not.
-play the same numbers every time for lottery? statistically that won't make you win faster

its all opinion and choices. i support power balance. follow them on twitter @PowerBalance