so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.


*the following information is for entertainment only and is only applicable to myself. do not try this at home.

Diet, by definition provided by Merriam Webster is
   a : food and drink regularly provided or consumed
b : habitual nourishmentc : the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason
: something provided or experienced repeatedly

So after all the splaining, i decided to compile them all into a blog entry that can be referred to, so that it would save everyone some time and confusion. Everyone is different and so is my diet. It was specially formulated for my active lifestyle and metabolism. People are wondering how this is, based on my pictures of food. Some might say that its unhealthy. Unhealthy is a relative term, after all, one mans trash......  

Some time ago, i decided to take pics of my food. its a trend. and i think taking pics of food is easier than taking pics of friends, cuz food wont cower at the site of the focus light, or say 'tag me' or ask me to take it down. That is why there is 6 albums of 200 pics of food. looking at my pics, you can tell that it went from friendcentric photos to culinary wonders. the wonder is, how am i alive? seeing all the food pics is deceiving cuz you don't see pics of any exercise and i eat at all times of the night and what seems to be anything i want. but in actuality, i have certain foods i must have and those i must not. again, formulated for my metabolism and lifestyle.

According to the definition above, my food album is clearly a diet.  My diet is regularly consumed, habitually, prescribed, and repeated.  I would never recommend it to anyone because things differ for everyone. Diet is a regimen, not a weight loss regimen. Its like asking 'where did you come from?' i can answer philippines, edison, dinner, home, or just point in a random direction.

Why not fat you ask? I do exercise. Im not eating all the time. I've finished P90x. i cant count how many people i know that have tried to do P90x and quit after a week. I completed it without missing a day. I did the physical part of the program, and did not follow the diet at all. had i done the nutritional part, my results would have been tenfold. but i wasn't going to punish myself, so i just ate what i want. I also take fat burner pills. nothing as serious as hydroxycut, just a little something something.  My metabolism has slowed down in recent years, so over the summer i did one cycle of P90x, then i spent long hours at the park jogging, biking on trails and playing basketball.  I feel my metabolism is key to everything, fortunately it is how it is. i don't smoke, gives you finger cancer. i don't drink, tastes bad and don't want a beer belly. so i eat.

How can you eat so much? When you look at my pics, its overwhelming, but anyone that has dined with me will notice, i don't eat all my food.  I've adopted a modified small portion diet. don't eat all the food and it wont count. eat the rest later. 6 meals a day. diet between meals. instead of a full plate of bacon at the buffet, get 10 plates of 4 strips at a time, and sit far, walking is exercise. its all in the mind. just like and religion.

why do you eat so many times? small portions. 6 meals a day. 3 regular scheduled meals, and a meal instead of 2 hours of sleep. replacing sleep with food not only makes the burning of calories round the clock, but gives you more time in the day to be more productive. once again, this is not for every lifestyle. and if you are still reading this, you are as crazy as i am.

there are limits, and consequences. currently my diet is: 6 meals a day, of which sonic not more than 3 times a day, 10 wings every other day, cut the soda, lots of water, unless its sonic cremeslush, don't eat at least 4 hours before long sleep, take powernaps often, and leftovers do not count for meal allotment or as pre-sleep food. and i have bags under my eyes which i hide with my non-prescription glasses.

wont you die? eventually, but went to the doctor, and both cholesterols were in good range, blood pressure good, and clean bill of health. this is my diet, i would never right a book for people to follow, its highly unorthodox and makes no sense. and i wont have to worry about haters or be liable for any damages. again, dont try this at home.

the end result is what it is. it works for me. if the only concern is the end result, weigh out the options, get priorities straight, and just do it. its like studying. if all you care about is the time invested to get knowledge, then instead of wasting 6 hours of studying before the test, study after the test so you know EXACTLY what to study. worked for me, but i got good grades anyways.


MercTV said...

Update. Tried Atkins, and even as easy and wonderful it is, i cant cut carbs as outlined in the diet. failed that diet the day before i was to start.