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SHOPKICK = free money

Everyone like reward programs. getting stuff for things you do anyways. credit cards do reward programs, where you spent X amount then get X amount back in some form. there are cash back programs too. either way, you get something for spending with a certain retailer. same with loyalty cards, shop there often, get stuff.

There is a new app called SHOPKICK where you don't have to spend to get rewarded with stuff. you don't even have to deal with advertising. The program is about checking into stores with your smartphone, racking up points, then turning them in for rewards with participating retailers. i use it and love it.

You get point by checking in (just open the app and click away at green bubbles), walking in (physically be in a participating store), or scanning items (i do this, its like a daily treasure hunt). then as you accumulate, there is a page (see pic) that lets you know what you can get. and its stuff i can use, like target gift certificates.  for physical retailers, it breaks down to every 250 points is $1, and you can redeem in 5, 10, 15 or 25 dollar increments.

and every so often, if you don't even actively play, they have instant coupons per retailer you can use. one day there was a sports authority $10 instant cash for checking in. i used it 4 times, saving $40. and the same day i went to target to buy a video game and had enough points to save $25 on a video game.  its really free money, except for the time invested to click away, but im always looking at my phone anyways.

so if you going to play on your android phone or iPhone, get the app, and for extra points use promo code: