so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

Best things in life are free. (HBD to me!)

Texts are free. And this one text was a result of crafty ingenuity with so much buildup. The text was a HBD text from my best friend. The build up was after month of dodging my texts where i ask him every day if we getting together after work to no reply (see attached images) and making me think he got a new number, he send me HBD through a facebook third party app, and i text him if he would be around to celebrate my birthday, and he texted back with HBD! Its the best text ever! side note: i did make a small monetary gain of 200 from several people when I won the over/under of days in a row id get no reply, but i never told these guys that i knew that my man would never let my bday go by, sorry i rigged it, but you all took the sucker bet. You see, to most of you, a facebook wall HBD from your bestie is as impersonal as it gets and this and that, and using a third party app is even worse especially for someone close, but for me and him its different.  A epic friendship that has marinated for 18 years through thick and thin, ill take what i can get.  And he planned this so cunningly for months, you cant make this stuff up.  I wouldn't be surprised if he really wasn't working and had some surprise party all planned out for me.  He has always been so thoughtful. Even voted as the nicest guy on a FB app. You dont come across that many top notch guys nowadays, I am the lucky one.

He has been the only constant in my life. Happy Birthday to me!