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Paranormal Activity 2 'Same crap now with baby!'

Here we go again. I saw this even though i said i wasn't going to based on the last experience, but since 11 others were going, I'm not going to be THAT guy. The immediate tweet after the movie was "PA2 definitely slightly better cuz I greatly lowered my expectations exponentially. A must see if nothing else is on".  This time around I tried my best to keep an open mind, tried not to listen to the hype, so that I wouldn't expect much.  So if your idea of scary is silent suspense with a loud noise, then this will be great about 5 times.  Id have to classify the PA movies as super suspense, cuz there is an extraordinary amount of build up with sparce release. But definitlely more than the first. PA is not for you if you like action, guns, gore, or moneys worth. I can give you a better effect if i put you in a dark room, told you to close your eyes, wait for me to scare you, i then go out to eat while you anticipate me doing something, and when i return, walk loud, kick the door in for a loud noise, hold out my hand for 10 buck, would you give it to me? thats why id collect beforehand too. I wouldnt be surprised if the money made on ticket sales against the production cost reflected that the movie soundtrack would bring in lots of revenue from bandwagoning sukkas too. each 'scary' would be silent or with footsteps, till a loud noise at the end. And anyone that knows me, knows i'm the first one to be scared about anything and everything. My opinion should be taken with a grain of salt cuz after all, i did enjoy super hero movie according to my friends, and i do like McD. Third times a charm in this case.  They got to milk it while they still can.  Maybe I am one of those people that 'Have good taste in bad things' that I'm always making fun of.......

had to make a video for my rant, this is all i came up with. For a sequel, add a baby, pool scene, some dragging clips, a couple scenes of awkward silent suspense with strategically placed footstep sounds, followed by a predictable loud noise and you have PA2.