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Black Friday Experience 2010

As a seasoned line waiter, I knew what to expect, I knew what to do. Those that know me, know I'm somewhat prepared so its never an issue.  But for most of the people there, not the case. How can you get onto a line, knowing that they open at 5 am, and your in for a 10+ hour wait with nothing. Let me tell you how i roll. Its cold so i dress the part with layers, hat, mask, gloves, and boots. I'm chillin under a 10 x 10 canopy cuz it was raining for most of the night, with a huge circle chair, a lounge chair with pop up leg rest, and large captains chair.  I got a table, food and drink, propane ceramic heater, and power source to charge our phones.  I'm trying to be comfortable for the long wait.  When I see someone walking towards the line, while its raining, without an umbrella at least, they don't stay on the line very long.  When they walk up, not dressed for the cold, or without a chair, you know that they are noobs. 
There are some unwritten rules to line waiting, and some line etiquette. Obviously no cutting. People that get in line early are there for a reason, and will count the people in front cuz of the limited quantities.  So anything after 20th in line is pointless for a Best Buy wait, at that point your just waiting to get in the store, not waiting to get the incredible savings, you'll just get the common sale stuff.  If you leave the line for extended periods of time, your not guaranteed a spot. And trying to jump in front of the line at 4 am will cause a riot because those  first 20 people in line are on a mission, have bonded for 10+ hours, and will say something.
Best Buy has measures to keep things a bit orderly.  They do set up some sort of barricade to the entrance. They have a police presence too.  At an undisclosed time they hand out raffle tickets to people in line and you cant get in without this tickets.  Then the door buster items have papers for each item.  If a certain doorbuster has 5 in store, then the 5 papers will go to the first 5 people, if one of them passes on it, then number 6 got lucky.
I hope this info was helpful in planning your next line waiting trip. Roll with me and you'll be fine. And don't do anything stupid, cuz if you get kicked out of line, you wasted your time and chances.

The plan was to wait in line for a long time for the door buster items. For those of you that don't know, these are the items usually featured on the front page of the circular, and are in very limited quantities per store. It is the first few people in line that get these items at a relatively deep discount. This door buster offer is a retailer's way of getting people to their store in multiple ways. One it gets people that know about it in line early, these are the crazy people. Second, for people clueless about how ads work, it gets them into the store, regardless of time or when they show up, thinking that they can get this deal when they get to the store, but when they realize that they fail in life, they are in the store, and thats was the goal of the retailer. Its not false advertising cuz if you look at the small print, it says something like, 'limited quantities' or 'minimum 5 per store'.
In my opinion, this years items were not great, and not really worth a long wait if i was just there to save money. Previous years, I've jumped on a Best Buy line for Black Friday wednesday night after closing for a friday 5 am opening.  This year i planned to go with some friends around 11 am thurs. Yes, we miss Thanksgiving, but whatever, I eat like its Thanksgiving everyday anyways. I would never do such things alone, so participating in line waits with friends makes it worth it.  I mean, we would hang out all hours of the night anyways, so why not with a purpose for once.
Thursday morning, my cohorts didn't text me, and I basically called it off for myself because I really didn't have anything I wanted to get for myself, so i figured it would be a quiet Thanksgiving since my best friend had plans already so there goes our Thanksgiving tradition together. Around 1 PM I did a drive by at Best Buy to see how bad it was. To my surprise there was nobody there! I went home and watched TV. Then one of my friends finally woke up and FB messaged me if I was still down.  I had no plans, so why not.  Packed up and met there in an hour.  The duration was of our stay started at 330 pm thursday.
I parked, set up my tent, as i set up my tent, one guy was behind me, and an indian guy lined up after him.  It was raining and this indian guy sat under my tent so i kicked him out. He technically cut the dude behind me. Plus this guy was not prepared. No socks and stuff. Asked him if it was his first time, it was. He was passing by and saw the line.  He did have a chair and umbrella in the car. Then he left the chair, and went home to get layers. came back hour later. more people showed up. I was sitting pretty in my VIP area with 6 others. We were the loud rowdy bunch so I don't think anyone was going to bother us. And if anyone was going to try to cut the line, they were going to hear it from my linebackers.
We engaged in conversation and jokes all night. Ordered Papa John's, brought our own food and snacks. Tossed a football around. It was a great time and time flew by. About 1 am, the police were hand out the red raffle tickets to ensure entry to people in line.  Indian dude was not in line. Being the nice person I am, I got the  Best Buy guy to hold his ticket, while i go out of my way in the rain, to go see if i can find him in his car in the parking lot, maybe he was sleeping.  I didn't find him. Best buy guy came back and hour later saying he had 10 minutes to show up or loses his place, and took his chair out of line.  Indian dude shows up and hour and a half after tickets were given out, and had words with the cop and staff. But his words were more like crying, and how he was here since 330 (he was, but he was out of line more than in line)  and how he left for 30 minutes to go home for '2 number' and how he will disgrace is family if he doesn't get these batteries on sale or something.  He left, I told him I tried, sucks for him.  At least he learned for next year.
Best Buy decided to open the doors to the first 50 at 4am, gather our stuff and then registers open at 5 am.  Then they let in 50 at a time in 30 min intervals. Being 6th in line, I had an hour to get my stuff without the crowd, paid and left.
The one thing i noticed is the stupid questions.  People drive by, 'what are they giving away?', 'what are you in line for?', 'what time do they open?', 'how long have you been in line?'.  You see it on the news, and you obviously know its black friday, I mean you are driving by a retail store front. And if you are not in line by now, if you ask what time they giving out tickets, why bother, you establish you know about tickets, so I'll assume you know they are limited quantity, and if your jump on the end of the line now..... do you think you'll get a ticket? and the best is the people that line up at the exit at 4 am thinking that they are first in line.