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iPhone accessorize!

After numerous configurations and wasted money, I end up with this.  The case is the INCASE smoked snap case, selected for slim factor, and definitely not protection. This case is perfect for the not pictured, in car mount by nokia. It is a ratcheting pinch type of mount with no bottom holder, which I never liked. To complement the incar mounting solution is a audio jack cord, and the AT&T iPhone coiled charger with  USB port that holds a retractable mini USB cord with mini to micro adapter to simultaneously charge my bluetooth headset in 5 colors. Then I purchased the phone charm mount from AccessoryGeeks. It uses a strong adhesive that i trust with the weight of the phone and light twirling. The strap is from a previous SONY phone. The charm attached is custom made. Bought the vial and cap from a online vendor, the same type you find when you get your name on a grain of rice. the loop is taken off another charm. And the vial is filled with 99.9% reagent grade Mercury. What else would I put in there.

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