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Hello iPhone4.

So i got the iPhone 4 and am so excited. After being a Sony fan for so long, making the switch was hard. After playing with the iPhone and trying to set up things and get back into normal mode, I feel I will be missing alot, but gaining more. Some of the things I will miss is stuff like custom ringtones and textones. Every one knows that if you wanted a ringtone, I was there with it already and it was a matter of texting or bluetooth it to you. that too is gone. No bluetooth file transfer. I haven't played around long enough, but I feel like pictures will be in one folder. When it came to phone usage, I was very picture/audio centric.
But with loss, will come much gain. I will definitely turn appcentric. I had a 1st gen touch I was using all the time for games. It was a practice unit, just to play that game at BWW. Then the app store got me. So the switch was destined to be. HD video recording is a plus, but I have yet to fully utilize it. The camera was a major selling point too. I'd see my friend Reggie posting pics with all these cool effects and thats what I wanted. Too bad its an app and not stock on the iPhone. Had the iPhone not come with a flash, I dont think I'd own one.
Not to mention i lost my annoying voice mail message where i say 'i can not come to the phone, please leave a message' in 7 languages. Plus my FU button app that i relied on so much where if i dont answer it goes to voicemail, but if i press end i have it forwarded to a nonexisting number. but im sure i can find one in the app store.
So overall, I'm excited for the gaming and not carrying 2 devices. This might make me switch to a Mac. Ppl have told me to switch since I like to make vids. but that is something for the future.