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B.Orjuela Photography

New release by my man BRYAN ORJUELA Support by getting your very own BRYAN ORJUELA PHOTOGRAPHY t-shirt. And if you wondering who can get your picture took, or a photoshoot of your whip, now you know.

"Shirts are priced at $12 each. Available for ladies as well! If are you 100% sure that you will make a purchase please private message me how many you'd like and in what sizes. That way you are guaranteed a shirt! Printing will begin early next week. Again, is up however there is currently just an intro page displayed; the final product is coming soon. Thank you all for your support! Nick from GRAFX, thank you for all of your hard work. You are the man!"

My first iPhone4 video

This is my first video with my iPhone4. The HD is very sufficient for in pocket recording. This collaboration was pretty cool because it was all apple. You can see the two macs in the video, which were used to play a loop of the music while the 4 people thought of their lyrics. And Kat wrote her lyrics on the white mac, mike on the black mac, reg on the iPhone4, ray on the newest iTouch and I recorded it with my iPhone4.

Hello iPhone4.

So i got the iPhone 4 and am so excited. After being a Sony fan for so long, making the switch was hard. After playing with the iPhone and trying to set up things and get back into normal mode, I feel I will be missing alot, but gaining more. Some of the things I will miss is stuff like custom ringtones and textones. Every one knows that if you wanted a ringtone, I was there with it already and it was a matter of texting or bluetooth it to you. that too is gone. No bluetooth file transfer. I haven't played around long enough, but I feel like pictures will be in one folder. When it came to phone usage, I was very picture/audio centric.
But with loss, will come much gain. I will definitely turn appcentric. I had a 1st gen touch I was using all the time for games. It was a practice unit, just to play that game at BWW. Then the app store got me. So the switch was destined to be. HD video recording is a plus, but I have yet to fully utilize it. The camera was a major selling point too. I'd see my friend Reggie posting pics with all these cool effects and thats what I wanted. Too bad its an app and not stock on the iPhone. Had the iPhone not come with a flash, I dont think I'd own one.
Not to mention i lost my annoying voice mail message where i say 'i can not come to the phone, please leave a message' in 7 languages. Plus my FU button app that i relied on so much where if i dont answer it goes to voicemail, but if i press end i have it forwarded to a nonexisting number. but im sure i can find one in the app store.
So overall, I'm excited for the gaming and not carrying 2 devices. This might make me switch to a Mac. Ppl have told me to switch since I like to make vids. but that is something for the future.