so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

Flair Bartending

One of my friends participated in a flair bartending competition, so I made a video. I think I'm going to start doing this for fun. And I will probably be great at it. Its gonna be one of those things again, where I'll be good at something, yet not all in. I'll know how to flair, but i dont drink. just like i can blow smoke circles, but dont smoke. i can dive, but cant swim. etc etc.

Feeding of water foul prohibited.

So I'm watching this indian lady feed the ducks, the thing that got me was the ducks came over to check it out and they all bounced. So she ended up getting a ticket for littering instead cuz I showed the park ranger this video. I saved her some money. My good deed of the month.

New Image Motorsports @ HIN/NOPI NY July 25, 2010

When you get used to a flow, sometimes you overlook the details. That was the factor that caused a unNIMlike performance in the results for the weekend of HIN/NOPI NY. Held at Englishtown, NJ, the usual show practice is top 100 Sat, and fully judged Sun. NIM shows up Sunday with what could have been best team quality, plus at least 5 other awards. Since the rules were different this time at a normal NIM venue, the standings were compromised. Turns out for this specific show, cars were to be there both Saturday and Sunday to be eligible for any top honors, and there was a lesser achievement to bring home if you were there just one day. With the details of awards being overlooked, NIM came up with this.....

kenny vinces
rich arjoon
ryan obrero

Brent Khelawan

naoko onishi

Brent Khelawan

Selfdisqualification. LIVE and LEARN.
this mistake will not be repeated

Car Town Game Brings Sims-Style Gaming To Car Enthusiasts On Facebook

Car Town Game Brings Sims-Style Gaming To Car Enthusiasts On Facebook | Reviews | Prices | Australian specifications

Its FARMVILLE for cars. What was I thinking playing Farmville. This is cool. And you get to change parts / rims and make custom graphics. Ive tried the graphics thing. Click and let me know what you think. Merc's CAR TOWN photos Its limited to the cars you can pick from, so ive been making replica of my friends cars and famous cars. Stuff like Fast and the Furious, real drift cars, Initial D, and my team cars from NEW IMAGE MOTORSPORTS. In the album, for each pic, I tried to include a link to a pic of the actual car so you can see when the inspiration came from. Join me on Facebook and play CAR TOWN.