so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

RIP lola Dec 24, 1911- July 12, 2010

Maria Rosales was such a strong individual is so many ways. She gave birth to 7 children where nowadays people cant handle one. and that comes with 58+ great grand-children. She came to this country to basically raise me and my sister while my parents worked hard. I owe her so much, and there is not enough thank yous to even come close. Raising me was a chore, but she was strong enough to put up with me. She was always telling me what to do, but that's how she was. Telling me to come home early or the gypsys will get me, that she did not see me take a shower, and be careful i might make babies. She would always ask me when am I getting married. I'm sorry she didn't get to see that day. 98 years strong, she really was, up until the last few months, she was up on her feet, doing something. As crook and broke her fingers were, she was still sewing something, or chopping stuff up to cook, even rolling lumpia. She would have dug her own grave if her body hadn't given up on her. That's how strong she is. I love you grandma.

from the last day i saw her, weeks after a stroke

before the stroke, she was rolling aboot

showing her bling

that toothless smile

072410 update
Many people came out to the funeral to show their respects. The mass went as expected, very emotional, filled with nice things said, and loving reminiscing. I too was not able to hold my composure several times. The plans for her remains is to be cremated and transported back to the Philippines to be next to her husband forever. Its a bittersweet honor to say I was the last to see her before cremation for I had to go to the crematory as a witness. As they were about to lift her up out the coffin into the cremation box, I closed my eyes so that my last memories of her is unhandled in the coffin. I will miss you very much grandma.


Was denny's always a diner? Maybe just this one cuz its 24. Aren't they all tho?

Summerslam Englishtown, NJ june 27, 20010

Another hot day at Englishtown, NJ for the DUB tour / SUMMERSLAM event, where NIM came 7 deep to represent what passion and dedication for a scene really means in a time where we all have priorities, budgets and sacrifices. Even in the blistering sun, the NIMTOUR2010 still proves themselves to be dedicated to the culture and having fun together. Situated in the VIP courtesy of TSL/ESR/Urban, outfitted in World Cup inspired apparel, drinks flowing, music bumping, New Image BEEN HAD another great weekend.

1st place VW 2dr

1st place subaru

best EURO $250

3rd place radical mild
2nd place BEST OF SHOW $500

3rd place BEST OF SHOW $250

2NR Xpression Car and Bike Show July 18, 2010

Date: Sunday, July 18, 2010
Time: 10:00am - 4:30pm
Location: 360 Route 211 E # 1 Middletown, NY 10940-2136

If you are registering and will be participating in the show please indicate whether you will be showing or spectating. this will give us an idea of how many cars will be in the show. There 250 openings. registration will take place upon arrival. For spectators the event will be free and open to the public. There will ...also be food vendors in attendance at the event. Let us know if you have any questions.

Best Honda
Best Acura
Best Toyota
Best Scion
Best Mazda
Best Subaru
Best Mitsubishi
Best Infiniti
Best Lexus
Best Nissan
Best Volkswagen
Best Audi
Best BMW
Best Mercedes
Best Ford
Best GM/Chevy
Best Chrysler / Dodge
Best Truck/SUV
Best old school JDM
Best old school muscle car
Best VIP
Best swap
Best Graphics
Best in show
more to come


Hope everyone had a safe fun time with fireworks. Here are some videos of the more major fireworks we had. These were purchased from Phantom Fireworks in PA. The place is nice and well organized. Upon entering I noticed a sign that prohibits residence of PA to even enter. My ID was checked at the door, and then got a 24 hour permit to transport any fireworks purchased on that date. And signed a waiver that these would not be set off in the state of PA. Have fun with any fireworks you have but remember safety first.

Fried Chicken

you all know how hot Ms Peachez Fried Chicken is. I came across this from a friend. Random as hell but im all for it. I think the music is from a video game. Anyone know what music it is?