so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

Good deed for the month

So since noone wanted to join me at Famous dave's for a comp dinner I went there to just pick up some food for myself. While I was there a family of 6 was there fighting over how much to order. I gave them my 75 dollar credit and wished them a happy dinner. Times are rough, I can sacrifice one meal with friends for a hungry family. MercTV

iPhone 4 a must have.

So as it turns out, the one feature I was counting on not to be on the new iPhone4 so that I wouldn't buy it, is there. Can you guess what the deciding factor was that will make this lifelong, hardcore SONY ERICSSON jump ship? The total package that the iPhone4 offers is just too enticing that I must get one. So finally after 7 consecutive Sony phones, each ahead of the current US bland market phones (I was taking color JPGs in 92 with no way to get them off the phone, and had internet options), I'm getting an iPhone. Whats next? a MacBook?

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