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Props from McSlick

One of the carshow scene's crowd movers, McSlick, gave props to the NIMTOUR. Its been a wild ride Slick and you and us both are gonna be around for more good times. Thanks for the love. Check out the blog entry HERE

Cars @ the Club 7 Sayreville, NJ May 23, 2010

Another successful afternoon for the annual F1 Cars @ the Club. The weather held up until the very end, musical talents CPO, Albe Back, and JBiz & Chupie kept the party going, D Prados had the crowd hyped, the bikini contest had the crowd crazy and brought the show to another level. Cars from all over came out to support and show off their rides. NIM's very own Daniel came from NY to represent and took home first place Mitsubishi. If you missed out, check out for coverage or come thru next year, it just keeps getting better.

2NR Xpressions Car Club Feature ::: New Image Motorsports

Alex from 2NRxpressions approached my club, New Image Motorsports, to do an interview type video for the feature section of his website. The NIMTOUR is proud to be part of this and wishes Alex and 2NR all the best the future can bring.

see the video at YouTube

edison town square

The proposed structure for the old Ford plant site is said to include a lot of things already found not even a mile away from the site. Typical Jersey strip mall with a home improvement center, theater, wholesale club, hotel, and shopping boutiques. Seems like nothing new, but i'm sure at least it will provide necessary jobs and unnecessary traffic. Its novelty will wear off and then someone will decide that another typical jersey strip mall will be build probably right near another one.

there is an official website for the proposed site, its but you have to register.

Spring Nationals Englishtown, NJ May 2, 2010

Nowadays with shows being spread far and thin, a show that comes around to the NIMTOUR's stomping ground is not going to go unattended. Showing 19 rides strong, that was more than enough to qualify and then some for the team title. In their own backyard the NIMTOUR2010 take home the coveted title along with 13 other distinctive hardware titles. Anyone who is is the show scene will tell you that a show is hard work and long hours but you could hardly tell with this group. Every show, they seem to have a blast and such a great time before, during, and after a show. The NIMTOUR is a year round party, but don't get it twisted, this team is focused and been had for the past 10 years and going. Be sure to be on the lookout for more of this team at a show in your area. Always a big thanks you to friends and family and support from the likes of Grafx, ESR and TSL and all affiliates. Today's MVP: Squirrel


2nd place Radical Mild

1st place Accord

1st place Euro

Best Of Show Euro $250

1st place Acura

3rd place Infinity

1st place Sportscar


2nd place Honda Other

1st place VW

3rd place Sportscar

1st place EVO

3rd place Acura