so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.



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And that's why you dont wear sunglasses indoors...

Its like that song that goes 'I wear my sunglasses at night', come on, you think your cool, but you look a fool. So when you wear sunglasses indoors, and at night, your an idiot for compounding 2 things against you for the sake of 'looking cool'. the majority of people around you will not think you are cool. Its like wearing shorts in the winter, you are not impressing anyone.

For gods sake, the other day I saw this guy shooting pool with shades on at night. Either he just bought them and decided to wear them out, or maybe he is epileptic and the flashing balls will make him seizure or he thought the pool hall is open til sunrise and was just being overprepared. What a toolbag.

tell you what, ill drive you home, but first let me get drunk, break both my ankles and wear a blindfold. And then pointlessly rev my engine at others to waste the high priced gas but foolishly achieve that 'look at me! look at me!' status. R U ImPrEzEd??? I'm just hating right now. Is that so wrong. I'm in need of attention. Will i get that attention if i told you i wrote this wearing sunglasses.


LOL. back in the day, before paid software, but after that 3 way calling trap, people would plug in a handsfree ear piece (now you can use a bluetooth), set phone on auto answer, turn off the ringer, then plant the phone in a key location like in the car, or in the bedroom. then when the time is right, call that phone, and voila!... instant bug. now with new tech, you can remotely use someones phone. paranoia. thats why i dont let my phone out of my sight. same reason you dont leave your drink unattended at a bar. blowing up spots, ya heard.

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