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SPOTTED: The Punisher

The NIMTOUR has been a success for sometime now. Hard work and countless hours invested proved favorable for the team. Another aspect of the scene, and one of our unsung heroes, is our very own Rich Ruiz of Exotic Carriers. Rich and his '01 Kentworth W900L has been counted upon time and time again to transport the NIM prized possessions coast to coast, and has been New Image for some time. He attends the major trucking events and kills the competition in many categories. His truck has even transported and competed for the same event, taking home multiple trophies at events like HIN Minnesota and Texas. Without Rich, there wouldn't be that NIM presence west of the Mississippi. He gets his recognition, and his exposure can be seen on an episode of Speed channel's HIN Minneapolis, and in 10-4 magazine as cover and centerfold. Congrats and thanks to Rich for being a big part of the NIMTOUR.

link to the 10-4 magazine full article

link to caught in action in Texas NIMVID

See Rich featured here in the first segment: