so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

Exxotica 2010

Once again the Adult convention makes it to the Raritan Expo Center in Edison, NJ for the 3rd straight year despite some controversy. This time around in conjunction with the Xotic Autoshow, the collaboration has proved to be a huge success, bringing cars and girls together, for a spectacular show filled with on stage performances, workshops, vendors and exhibitions. Just the setup and morning prep was more than i could handle, sorry no vids of that. The after parties every night made for a nonstop sexy weekend, no video there either. I'm sure this union will happen again for another stellar repeat performance that gets bigger every year.

special thanks to Rico, V and all my industry friends, and shout outs to my home girls Jada and Sunny.

SHOPKICK = free money

Everyone like reward programs. getting stuff for things you do anyways. credit cards do reward programs, where you spent X amount then get X amount back in some form. there are cash back programs too. either way, you get something for spending with a certain retailer. same with loyalty cards, shop there often, get stuff.

There is a new app called SHOPKICK where you don't have to spend to get rewarded with stuff. you don't even have to deal with advertising. The program is about checking into stores with your smartphone, racking up points, then turning them in for rewards with participating retailers. i use it and love it.

You get point by checking in (just open the app and click away at green bubbles), walking in (physically be in a participating store), or scanning items (i do this, its like a daily treasure hunt). then as you accumulate, there is a page (see pic) that lets you know what you can get. and its stuff i can use, like target gift certificates.  for physical retailers, it breaks down to every 250 points is $1, and you can redeem in 5, 10, 15 or 25 dollar increments.

and every so often, if you don't even actively play, they have instant coupons per retailer you can use. one day there was a sports authority $10 instant cash for checking in. i used it 4 times, saving $40. and the same day i went to target to buy a video game and had enough points to save $25 on a video game.  its really free money, except for the time invested to click away, but im always looking at my phone anyways.

so if you going to play on your android phone or iPhone, get the app, and for extra points use promo code: 


*the following information is for entertainment only and is only applicable to myself. do not try this at home.

Diet, by definition provided by Merriam Webster is
   a : food and drink regularly provided or consumed
b : habitual nourishmentc : the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason
: something provided or experienced repeatedly

So after all the splaining, i decided to compile them all into a blog entry that can be referred to, so that it would save everyone some time and confusion. Everyone is different and so is my diet. It was specially formulated for my active lifestyle and metabolism. People are wondering how this is, based on my pictures of food. Some might say that its unhealthy. Unhealthy is a relative term, after all, one mans trash......  

Some time ago, i decided to take pics of my food. its a trend. and i think taking pics of food is easier than taking pics of friends, cuz food wont cower at the site of the focus light, or say 'tag me' or ask me to take it down. That is why there is 6 albums of 200 pics of food. looking at my pics, you can tell that it went from friendcentric photos to culinary wonders. the wonder is, how am i alive? seeing all the food pics is deceiving cuz you don't see pics of any exercise and i eat at all times of the night and what seems to be anything i want. but in actuality, i have certain foods i must have and those i must not. again, formulated for my metabolism and lifestyle.

According to the definition above, my food album is clearly a diet.  My diet is regularly consumed, habitually, prescribed, and repeated.  I would never recommend it to anyone because things differ for everyone. Diet is a regimen, not a weight loss regimen. Its like asking 'where did you come from?' i can answer philippines, edison, dinner, home, or just point in a random direction.

Why not fat you ask? I do exercise. Im not eating all the time. I've finished P90x. i cant count how many people i know that have tried to do P90x and quit after a week. I completed it without missing a day. I did the physical part of the program, and did not follow the diet at all. had i done the nutritional part, my results would have been tenfold. but i wasn't going to punish myself, so i just ate what i want. I also take fat burner pills. nothing as serious as hydroxycut, just a little something something.  My metabolism has slowed down in recent years, so over the summer i did one cycle of P90x, then i spent long hours at the park jogging, biking on trails and playing basketball.  I feel my metabolism is key to everything, fortunately it is how it is. i don't smoke, gives you finger cancer. i don't drink, tastes bad and don't want a beer belly. so i eat.

How can you eat so much? When you look at my pics, its overwhelming, but anyone that has dined with me will notice, i don't eat all my food.  I've adopted a modified small portion diet. don't eat all the food and it wont count. eat the rest later. 6 meals a day. diet between meals. instead of a full plate of bacon at the buffet, get 10 plates of 4 strips at a time, and sit far, walking is exercise. its all in the mind. just like and religion.

why do you eat so many times? small portions. 6 meals a day. 3 regular scheduled meals, and a meal instead of 2 hours of sleep. replacing sleep with food not only makes the burning of calories round the clock, but gives you more time in the day to be more productive. once again, this is not for every lifestyle. and if you are still reading this, you are as crazy as i am.

there are limits, and consequences. currently my diet is: 6 meals a day, of which sonic not more than 3 times a day, 10 wings every other day, cut the soda, lots of water, unless its sonic cremeslush, don't eat at least 4 hours before long sleep, take powernaps often, and leftovers do not count for meal allotment or as pre-sleep food. and i have bags under my eyes which i hide with my non-prescription glasses.

wont you die? eventually, but went to the doctor, and both cholesterols were in good range, blood pressure good, and clean bill of health. this is my diet, i would never right a book for people to follow, its highly unorthodox and makes no sense. and i wont have to worry about haters or be liable for any damages. again, dont try this at home.

the end result is what it is. it works for me. if the only concern is the end result, weigh out the options, get priorities straight, and just do it. its like studying. if all you care about is the time invested to get knowledge, then instead of wasting 6 hours of studying before the test, study after the test so you know EXACTLY what to study. worked for me, but i got good grades anyways.

Best things in life are free. (HBD to me!)

Texts are free. And this one text was a result of crafty ingenuity with so much buildup. The text was a HBD text from my best friend. The build up was after month of dodging my texts where i ask him every day if we getting together after work to no reply (see attached images) and making me think he got a new number, he send me HBD through a facebook third party app, and i text him if he would be around to celebrate my birthday, and he texted back with HBD! Its the best text ever! side note: i did make a small monetary gain of 200 from several people when I won the over/under of days in a row id get no reply, but i never told these guys that i knew that my man would never let my bday go by, sorry i rigged it, but you all took the sucker bet. You see, to most of you, a facebook wall HBD from your bestie is as impersonal as it gets and this and that, and using a third party app is even worse especially for someone close, but for me and him its different.  A epic friendship that has marinated for 18 years through thick and thin, ill take what i can get.  And he planned this so cunningly for months, you cant make this stuff up.  I wouldn't be surprised if he really wasn't working and had some surprise party all planned out for me.  He has always been so thoughtful. Even voted as the nicest guy on a FB app. You dont come across that many top notch guys nowadays, I am the lucky one.

He has been the only constant in my life. Happy Birthday to me!

Black Friday Experience 2010

As a seasoned line waiter, I knew what to expect, I knew what to do. Those that know me, know I'm somewhat prepared so its never an issue.  But for most of the people there, not the case. How can you get onto a line, knowing that they open at 5 am, and your in for a 10+ hour wait with nothing. Let me tell you how i roll. Its cold so i dress the part with layers, hat, mask, gloves, and boots. I'm chillin under a 10 x 10 canopy cuz it was raining for most of the night, with a huge circle chair, a lounge chair with pop up leg rest, and large captains chair.  I got a table, food and drink, propane ceramic heater, and power source to charge our phones.  I'm trying to be comfortable for the long wait.  When I see someone walking towards the line, while its raining, without an umbrella at least, they don't stay on the line very long.  When they walk up, not dressed for the cold, or without a chair, you know that they are noobs. 
There are some unwritten rules to line waiting, and some line etiquette. Obviously no cutting. People that get in line early are there for a reason, and will count the people in front cuz of the limited quantities.  So anything after 20th in line is pointless for a Best Buy wait, at that point your just waiting to get in the store, not waiting to get the incredible savings, you'll just get the common sale stuff.  If you leave the line for extended periods of time, your not guaranteed a spot. And trying to jump in front of the line at 4 am will cause a riot because those  first 20 people in line are on a mission, have bonded for 10+ hours, and will say something.
Best Buy has measures to keep things a bit orderly.  They do set up some sort of barricade to the entrance. They have a police presence too.  At an undisclosed time they hand out raffle tickets to people in line and you cant get in without this tickets.  Then the door buster items have papers for each item.  If a certain doorbuster has 5 in store, then the 5 papers will go to the first 5 people, if one of them passes on it, then number 6 got lucky.
I hope this info was helpful in planning your next line waiting trip. Roll with me and you'll be fine. And don't do anything stupid, cuz if you get kicked out of line, you wasted your time and chances.

The plan was to wait in line for a long time for the door buster items. For those of you that don't know, these are the items usually featured on the front page of the circular, and are in very limited quantities per store. It is the first few people in line that get these items at a relatively deep discount. This door buster offer is a retailer's way of getting people to their store in multiple ways. One it gets people that know about it in line early, these are the crazy people. Second, for people clueless about how ads work, it gets them into the store, regardless of time or when they show up, thinking that they can get this deal when they get to the store, but when they realize that they fail in life, they are in the store, and thats was the goal of the retailer. Its not false advertising cuz if you look at the small print, it says something like, 'limited quantities' or 'minimum 5 per store'.
In my opinion, this years items were not great, and not really worth a long wait if i was just there to save money. Previous years, I've jumped on a Best Buy line for Black Friday wednesday night after closing for a friday 5 am opening.  This year i planned to go with some friends around 11 am thurs. Yes, we miss Thanksgiving, but whatever, I eat like its Thanksgiving everyday anyways. I would never do such things alone, so participating in line waits with friends makes it worth it.  I mean, we would hang out all hours of the night anyways, so why not with a purpose for once.
Thursday morning, my cohorts didn't text me, and I basically called it off for myself because I really didn't have anything I wanted to get for myself, so i figured it would be a quiet Thanksgiving since my best friend had plans already so there goes our Thanksgiving tradition together. Around 1 PM I did a drive by at Best Buy to see how bad it was. To my surprise there was nobody there! I went home and watched TV. Then one of my friends finally woke up and FB messaged me if I was still down.  I had no plans, so why not.  Packed up and met there in an hour.  The duration was of our stay started at 330 pm thursday.
I parked, set up my tent, as i set up my tent, one guy was behind me, and an indian guy lined up after him.  It was raining and this indian guy sat under my tent so i kicked him out. He technically cut the dude behind me. Plus this guy was not prepared. No socks and stuff. Asked him if it was his first time, it was. He was passing by and saw the line.  He did have a chair and umbrella in the car. Then he left the chair, and went home to get layers. came back hour later. more people showed up. I was sitting pretty in my VIP area with 6 others. We were the loud rowdy bunch so I don't think anyone was going to bother us. And if anyone was going to try to cut the line, they were going to hear it from my linebackers.
We engaged in conversation and jokes all night. Ordered Papa John's, brought our own food and snacks. Tossed a football around. It was a great time and time flew by. About 1 am, the police were hand out the red raffle tickets to ensure entry to people in line.  Indian dude was not in line. Being the nice person I am, I got the  Best Buy guy to hold his ticket, while i go out of my way in the rain, to go see if i can find him in his car in the parking lot, maybe he was sleeping.  I didn't find him. Best buy guy came back and hour later saying he had 10 minutes to show up or loses his place, and took his chair out of line.  Indian dude shows up and hour and a half after tickets were given out, and had words with the cop and staff. But his words were more like crying, and how he was here since 330 (he was, but he was out of line more than in line)  and how he left for 30 minutes to go home for '2 number' and how he will disgrace is family if he doesn't get these batteries on sale or something.  He left, I told him I tried, sucks for him.  At least he learned for next year.
Best Buy decided to open the doors to the first 50 at 4am, gather our stuff and then registers open at 5 am.  Then they let in 50 at a time in 30 min intervals. Being 6th in line, I had an hour to get my stuff without the crowd, paid and left.
The one thing i noticed is the stupid questions.  People drive by, 'what are they giving away?', 'what are you in line for?', 'what time do they open?', 'how long have you been in line?'.  You see it on the news, and you obviously know its black friday, I mean you are driving by a retail store front. And if you are not in line by now, if you ask what time they giving out tickets, why bother, you establish you know about tickets, so I'll assume you know they are limited quantity, and if your jump on the end of the line now..... do you think you'll get a ticket? and the best is the people that line up at the exit at 4 am thinking that they are first in line.

Paranormal Activity 2 'Same crap now with baby!'

Here we go again. I saw this even though i said i wasn't going to based on the last experience, but since 11 others were going, I'm not going to be THAT guy. The immediate tweet after the movie was "PA2 definitely slightly better cuz I greatly lowered my expectations exponentially. A must see if nothing else is on".  This time around I tried my best to keep an open mind, tried not to listen to the hype, so that I wouldn't expect much.  So if your idea of scary is silent suspense with a loud noise, then this will be great about 5 times.  Id have to classify the PA movies as super suspense, cuz there is an extraordinary amount of build up with sparce release. But definitlely more than the first. PA is not for you if you like action, guns, gore, or moneys worth. I can give you a better effect if i put you in a dark room, told you to close your eyes, wait for me to scare you, i then go out to eat while you anticipate me doing something, and when i return, walk loud, kick the door in for a loud noise, hold out my hand for 10 buck, would you give it to me? thats why id collect beforehand too. I wouldnt be surprised if the money made on ticket sales against the production cost reflected that the movie soundtrack would bring in lots of revenue from bandwagoning sukkas too. each 'scary' would be silent or with footsteps, till a loud noise at the end. And anyone that knows me, knows i'm the first one to be scared about anything and everything. My opinion should be taken with a grain of salt cuz after all, i did enjoy super hero movie according to my friends, and i do like McD. Third times a charm in this case.  They got to milk it while they still can.  Maybe I am one of those people that 'Have good taste in bad things' that I'm always making fun of.......

had to make a video for my rant, this is all i came up with. For a sequel, add a baby, pool scene, some dragging clips, a couple scenes of awkward silent suspense with strategically placed footstep sounds, followed by a predictable loud noise and you have PA2.

iPhone accessorize!

After numerous configurations and wasted money, I end up with this.  The case is the INCASE smoked snap case, selected for slim factor, and definitely not protection. This case is perfect for the not pictured, in car mount by nokia. It is a ratcheting pinch type of mount with no bottom holder, which I never liked. To complement the incar mounting solution is a audio jack cord, and the AT&T iPhone coiled charger with  USB port that holds a retractable mini USB cord with mini to micro adapter to simultaneously charge my bluetooth headset in 5 colors. Then I purchased the phone charm mount from AccessoryGeeks. It uses a strong adhesive that i trust with the weight of the phone and light twirling. The strap is from a previous SONY phone. The charm attached is custom made. Bought the vial and cap from a online vendor, the same type you find when you get your name on a grain of rice. the loop is taken off another charm. And the vial is filled with 99.9% reagent grade Mercury. What else would I put in there.

COMIC CON NY the cosplayers October 8-10, 2010


"So much to do, so little time." That is how I would describe this weekend. A 3 day event in the heart of NY at the Jacob Javits Center filled with exhibitions, vendors, video games, celebrities, and not to forget, the fans that came dressed up. This was an amazing event bringing together COMICON and ANIME under one giant roof. I was not able to see half of the convention because it covered so much ground, so I just went around for the fan participation. This is what i saw as I walked around. 

It was just quite the experience for me, the merchandising, the mass amounts of people in attendance, and the costumes were amazing. It felt like Halloween.  The costumes were ranging from Comic themed, to Anime characters, to Video Game icons.  There were some off the wall costumes that had no place at a comic book / amine convention, but I guess in the spirit of dressing up, it doesn't matter. Everyone had a great time.

Kens Kustoms 5th Annual Showdown October 3, 2010

Lowriders, bikes, tuners, and car clubs from all around the area came out to show off their stuff right outside of Cheeques in Linden, NJ. Thanks to everyone that came out to help and support.


This is the first time i saw hail. There was a precursor of rain, then it got loud. I looked out the door and saw hail. It was quite a site for me, and I ran out of a restaurant to check it out. I stood in it letting it hit me on the head, and it hurts.  Reminds me of the time i was running in the park and supposedly a squirrel with good aim clocked me in the head with an acorn. But this was like a barrage of acorns. The hail storm didn't last very long, and my video is near the end of the storm cuz I was standing in it for the intense part and i didn't want to break my iPhone. I don't think if I ever come across a hailstorm again that i will stand where I can get hit.

I'll have some NIM to go. QR code up and running.

Want to take the NIMTOUR with you? Be able to watch the past team coverage where ever you go?
SCAN this with you Blackberry or iPhone (using the AT&Tscanner app free in iTunes) to go directly to the NIMTOUR youtube videos by MercTV. And be on the lookout for this decal showing up at carshows on NIM cars on display so that when you are at a show, you can watch car specific videos to learn more about the mods that went into the vehicle you are looking at or go to the NIMTOUR's youtube videos. Stepping into the interactive info age, NIM is still setting trends 10 years later. And don't forget to keep up to date by following on twitter @NIMTOUR.

iPhone4 update

It's like crack. i can't put it down. Come see me at the gamecenter, any openfeint game, angry birds, HS hero. And there really is an app for everything. i might have to seek help. i'm losing sleep and getting distracted.

click to see::::::::::>

and please let me know the must have apps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tweet me @MercTV

B.Orjuela Photography

New release by my man BRYAN ORJUELA Support by getting your very own BRYAN ORJUELA PHOTOGRAPHY t-shirt. And if you wondering who can get your picture took, or a photoshoot of your whip, now you know.

"Shirts are priced at $12 each. Available for ladies as well! If are you 100% sure that you will make a purchase please private message me how many you'd like and in what sizes. That way you are guaranteed a shirt! Printing will begin early next week. Again, is up however there is currently just an intro page displayed; the final product is coming soon. Thank you all for your support! Nick from GRAFX, thank you for all of your hard work. You are the man!"

My first iPhone4 video

This is my first video with my iPhone4. The HD is very sufficient for in pocket recording. This collaboration was pretty cool because it was all apple. You can see the two macs in the video, which were used to play a loop of the music while the 4 people thought of their lyrics. And Kat wrote her lyrics on the white mac, mike on the black mac, reg on the iPhone4, ray on the newest iTouch and I recorded it with my iPhone4.

Hello iPhone4.

So i got the iPhone 4 and am so excited. After being a Sony fan for so long, making the switch was hard. After playing with the iPhone and trying to set up things and get back into normal mode, I feel I will be missing alot, but gaining more. Some of the things I will miss is stuff like custom ringtones and textones. Every one knows that if you wanted a ringtone, I was there with it already and it was a matter of texting or bluetooth it to you. that too is gone. No bluetooth file transfer. I haven't played around long enough, but I feel like pictures will be in one folder. When it came to phone usage, I was very picture/audio centric.
But with loss, will come much gain. I will definitely turn appcentric. I had a 1st gen touch I was using all the time for games. It was a practice unit, just to play that game at BWW. Then the app store got me. So the switch was destined to be. HD video recording is a plus, but I have yet to fully utilize it. The camera was a major selling point too. I'd see my friend Reggie posting pics with all these cool effects and thats what I wanted. Too bad its an app and not stock on the iPhone. Had the iPhone not come with a flash, I dont think I'd own one.
Not to mention i lost my annoying voice mail message where i say 'i can not come to the phone, please leave a message' in 7 languages. Plus my FU button app that i relied on so much where if i dont answer it goes to voicemail, but if i press end i have it forwarded to a nonexisting number. but im sure i can find one in the app store.
So overall, I'm excited for the gaming and not carrying 2 devices. This might make me switch to a Mac. Ppl have told me to switch since I like to make vids. but that is something for the future.

Flair Bartending

One of my friends participated in a flair bartending competition, so I made a video. I think I'm going to start doing this for fun. And I will probably be great at it. Its gonna be one of those things again, where I'll be good at something, yet not all in. I'll know how to flair, but i dont drink. just like i can blow smoke circles, but dont smoke. i can dive, but cant swim. etc etc.

Feeding of water foul prohibited.

So I'm watching this indian lady feed the ducks, the thing that got me was the ducks came over to check it out and they all bounced. So she ended up getting a ticket for littering instead cuz I showed the park ranger this video. I saved her some money. My good deed of the month.

New Image Motorsports @ HIN/NOPI NY July 25, 2010

When you get used to a flow, sometimes you overlook the details. That was the factor that caused a unNIMlike performance in the results for the weekend of HIN/NOPI NY. Held at Englishtown, NJ, the usual show practice is top 100 Sat, and fully judged Sun. NIM shows up Sunday with what could have been best team quality, plus at least 5 other awards. Since the rules were different this time at a normal NIM venue, the standings were compromised. Turns out for this specific show, cars were to be there both Saturday and Sunday to be eligible for any top honors, and there was a lesser achievement to bring home if you were there just one day. With the details of awards being overlooked, NIM came up with this.....

kenny vinces
rich arjoon
ryan obrero

Brent Khelawan

naoko onishi

Brent Khelawan

Selfdisqualification. LIVE and LEARN.
this mistake will not be repeated

Car Town Game Brings Sims-Style Gaming To Car Enthusiasts On Facebook

Car Town Game Brings Sims-Style Gaming To Car Enthusiasts On Facebook | Reviews | Prices | Australian specifications

Its FARMVILLE for cars. What was I thinking playing Farmville. This is cool. And you get to change parts / rims and make custom graphics. Ive tried the graphics thing. Click and let me know what you think. Merc's CAR TOWN photos Its limited to the cars you can pick from, so ive been making replica of my friends cars and famous cars. Stuff like Fast and the Furious, real drift cars, Initial D, and my team cars from NEW IMAGE MOTORSPORTS. In the album, for each pic, I tried to include a link to a pic of the actual car so you can see when the inspiration came from. Join me on Facebook and play CAR TOWN.

RIP lola Dec 24, 1911- July 12, 2010

Maria Rosales was such a strong individual is so many ways. She gave birth to 7 children where nowadays people cant handle one. and that comes with 58+ great grand-children. She came to this country to basically raise me and my sister while my parents worked hard. I owe her so much, and there is not enough thank yous to even come close. Raising me was a chore, but she was strong enough to put up with me. She was always telling me what to do, but that's how she was. Telling me to come home early or the gypsys will get me, that she did not see me take a shower, and be careful i might make babies. She would always ask me when am I getting married. I'm sorry she didn't get to see that day. 98 years strong, she really was, up until the last few months, she was up on her feet, doing something. As crook and broke her fingers were, she was still sewing something, or chopping stuff up to cook, even rolling lumpia. She would have dug her own grave if her body hadn't given up on her. That's how strong she is. I love you grandma.

from the last day i saw her, weeks after a stroke

before the stroke, she was rolling aboot

showing her bling

that toothless smile

072410 update
Many people came out to the funeral to show their respects. The mass went as expected, very emotional, filled with nice things said, and loving reminiscing. I too was not able to hold my composure several times. The plans for her remains is to be cremated and transported back to the Philippines to be next to her husband forever. Its a bittersweet honor to say I was the last to see her before cremation for I had to go to the crematory as a witness. As they were about to lift her up out the coffin into the cremation box, I closed my eyes so that my last memories of her is unhandled in the coffin. I will miss you very much grandma.


Was denny's always a diner? Maybe just this one cuz its 24. Aren't they all tho?

Summerslam Englishtown, NJ june 27, 20010

Another hot day at Englishtown, NJ for the DUB tour / SUMMERSLAM event, where NIM came 7 deep to represent what passion and dedication for a scene really means in a time where we all have priorities, budgets and sacrifices. Even in the blistering sun, the NIMTOUR2010 still proves themselves to be dedicated to the culture and having fun together. Situated in the VIP courtesy of TSL/ESR/Urban, outfitted in World Cup inspired apparel, drinks flowing, music bumping, New Image BEEN HAD another great weekend.

1st place VW 2dr

1st place subaru

best EURO $250

3rd place radical mild
2nd place BEST OF SHOW $500

3rd place BEST OF SHOW $250

2NR Xpression Car and Bike Show July 18, 2010

Date: Sunday, July 18, 2010
Time: 10:00am - 4:30pm
Location: 360 Route 211 E # 1 Middletown, NY 10940-2136

If you are registering and will be participating in the show please indicate whether you will be showing or spectating. this will give us an idea of how many cars will be in the show. There 250 openings. registration will take place upon arrival. For spectators the event will be free and open to the public. There will ...also be food vendors in attendance at the event. Let us know if you have any questions.

Best Honda
Best Acura
Best Toyota
Best Scion
Best Mazda
Best Subaru
Best Mitsubishi
Best Infiniti
Best Lexus
Best Nissan
Best Volkswagen
Best Audi
Best BMW
Best Mercedes
Best Ford
Best GM/Chevy
Best Chrysler / Dodge
Best Truck/SUV
Best old school JDM
Best old school muscle car
Best VIP
Best swap
Best Graphics
Best in show
more to come


Hope everyone had a safe fun time with fireworks. Here are some videos of the more major fireworks we had. These were purchased from Phantom Fireworks in PA. The place is nice and well organized. Upon entering I noticed a sign that prohibits residence of PA to even enter. My ID was checked at the door, and then got a 24 hour permit to transport any fireworks purchased on that date. And signed a waiver that these would not be set off in the state of PA. Have fun with any fireworks you have but remember safety first.

Fried Chicken

you all know how hot Ms Peachez Fried Chicken is. I came across this from a friend. Random as hell but im all for it. I think the music is from a video game. Anyone know what music it is?

Good deed for the month

So since noone wanted to join me at Famous dave's for a comp dinner I went there to just pick up some food for myself. While I was there a family of 6 was there fighting over how much to order. I gave them my 75 dollar credit and wished them a happy dinner. Times are rough, I can sacrifice one meal with friends for a hungry family. MercTV

iPhone 4 a must have.

So as it turns out, the one feature I was counting on not to be on the new iPhone4 so that I wouldn't buy it, is there. Can you guess what the deciding factor was that will make this lifelong, hardcore SONY ERICSSON jump ship? The total package that the iPhone4 offers is just too enticing that I must get one. So finally after 7 consecutive Sony phones, each ahead of the current US bland market phones (I was taking color JPGs in 92 with no way to get them off the phone, and had internet options), I'm getting an iPhone. Whats next? a MacBook?

click the title for Engadget's review.

click for GSMarena's review

Props from McSlick

One of the carshow scene's crowd movers, McSlick, gave props to the NIMTOUR. Its been a wild ride Slick and you and us both are gonna be around for more good times. Thanks for the love. Check out the blog entry HERE

Cars @ the Club 7 Sayreville, NJ May 23, 2010

Another successful afternoon for the annual F1 Cars @ the Club. The weather held up until the very end, musical talents CPO, Albe Back, and JBiz & Chupie kept the party going, D Prados had the crowd hyped, the bikini contest had the crowd crazy and brought the show to another level. Cars from all over came out to support and show off their rides. NIM's very own Daniel came from NY to represent and took home first place Mitsubishi. If you missed out, check out for coverage or come thru next year, it just keeps getting better.

2NR Xpressions Car Club Feature ::: New Image Motorsports

Alex from 2NRxpressions approached my club, New Image Motorsports, to do an interview type video for the feature section of his website. The NIMTOUR is proud to be part of this and wishes Alex and 2NR all the best the future can bring.

see the video at YouTube

edison town square

The proposed structure for the old Ford plant site is said to include a lot of things already found not even a mile away from the site. Typical Jersey strip mall with a home improvement center, theater, wholesale club, hotel, and shopping boutiques. Seems like nothing new, but i'm sure at least it will provide necessary jobs and unnecessary traffic. Its novelty will wear off and then someone will decide that another typical jersey strip mall will be build probably right near another one.

there is an official website for the proposed site, its but you have to register.

Spring Nationals Englishtown, NJ May 2, 2010

Nowadays with shows being spread far and thin, a show that comes around to the NIMTOUR's stomping ground is not going to go unattended. Showing 19 rides strong, that was more than enough to qualify and then some for the team title. In their own backyard the NIMTOUR2010 take home the coveted title along with 13 other distinctive hardware titles. Anyone who is is the show scene will tell you that a show is hard work and long hours but you could hardly tell with this group. Every show, they seem to have a blast and such a great time before, during, and after a show. The NIMTOUR is a year round party, but don't get it twisted, this team is focused and been had for the past 10 years and going. Be sure to be on the lookout for more of this team at a show in your area. Always a big thanks you to friends and family and support from the likes of Grafx, ESR and TSL and all affiliates. Today's MVP: Squirrel


2nd place Radical Mild

1st place Accord

1st place Euro

Best Of Show Euro $250

1st place Acura

3rd place Infinity

1st place Sportscar


2nd place Honda Other

1st place VW

3rd place Sportscar

1st place EVO

3rd place Acura

The Bacon Explosion

this is going to be the choice grill meat for bbqa this summer. i been procrastinating on this for a year or so. its about time i got into this. this will top all the bacon bbqs i had so far.
bacon explosion

Do you unintentionally push people away? A cautionary tale about being unique in a beige world

CLICK >>>Do you unintentionally push people away? A cautionary tale about being unique in a beige world

I have to look for help out there in the virtual world for my friend. So many of us are lost when it comes to helping. this seems like a good place to start. Always here for you buddy.




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And that's why you dont wear sunglasses indoors...

Its like that song that goes 'I wear my sunglasses at night', come on, you think your cool, but you look a fool. So when you wear sunglasses indoors, and at night, your an idiot for compounding 2 things against you for the sake of 'looking cool'. the majority of people around you will not think you are cool. Its like wearing shorts in the winter, you are not impressing anyone.

For gods sake, the other day I saw this guy shooting pool with shades on at night. Either he just bought them and decided to wear them out, or maybe he is epileptic and the flashing balls will make him seizure or he thought the pool hall is open til sunrise and was just being overprepared. What a toolbag.

tell you what, ill drive you home, but first let me get drunk, break both my ankles and wear a blindfold. And then pointlessly rev my engine at others to waste the high priced gas but foolishly achieve that 'look at me! look at me!' status. R U ImPrEzEd??? I'm just hating right now. Is that so wrong. I'm in need of attention. Will i get that attention if i told you i wrote this wearing sunglasses.


LOL. back in the day, before paid software, but after that 3 way calling trap, people would plug in a handsfree ear piece (now you can use a bluetooth), set phone on auto answer, turn off the ringer, then plant the phone in a key location like in the car, or in the bedroom. then when the time is right, call that phone, and voila!... instant bug. now with new tech, you can remotely use someones phone. paranoia. thats why i dont let my phone out of my sight. same reason you dont leave your drink unattended at a bar. blowing up spots, ya heard.

im just sayin', hit me up for the 30% promo code on this.

Subaru Impreza gold 17" rota downshifts 5X100 +48

Selling a pristine set of gold 17" rota downshifts 5X100 +48 with 215/40 yoko H4s. These were on my 2000 impreza, and will fit WRX's but not STi's with the 114 bolt pattern. cleaned when taken off, no scratches, no curb rash, straight, balanced, plastic still on the center caps. A great set of rims for your subie. so much tread left and condition shows this, set was hardly used. comes with copy of original receipt, paid 1100. very well maintained as seen in display.

We Are The World 25 For Haiti - Official Video

amazing. i remember the first go around. i like how that dude at time stamp 5:27 used the t-pain iphone app. jk, i know it was him. but im sure not everyone does.

text WORLD to 50555

MercTV: Quattro baby Rottweiler

sooooo cute. 9 wk old Rottweiler named Quattro running around.

SPOTTED: The Punisher

The NIMTOUR has been a success for sometime now. Hard work and countless hours invested proved favorable for the team. Another aspect of the scene, and one of our unsung heroes, is our very own Rich Ruiz of Exotic Carriers. Rich and his '01 Kentworth W900L has been counted upon time and time again to transport the NIM prized possessions coast to coast, and has been New Image for some time. He attends the major trucking events and kills the competition in many categories. His truck has even transported and competed for the same event, taking home multiple trophies at events like HIN Minnesota and Texas. Without Rich, there wouldn't be that NIM presence west of the Mississippi. He gets his recognition, and his exposure can be seen on an episode of Speed channel's HIN Minneapolis, and in 10-4 magazine as cover and centerfold. Congrats and thanks to Rich for being a big part of the NIMTOUR.

link to the 10-4 magazine full article

link to caught in action in Texas NIMVID

See Rich featured here in the first segment:

$500 SUBARU VF23 turbo for sale

This turbo is new, never installed, SHIP FOR FREE within the continental US.
• Ball Bearing
• Water and Oil cooled
• Compressor Trim: 57
• Compressor Inducer(mm): 46
• Compressor Major(mm): 60
• Turbine Trim: 82
• Turbine Major(mm): 53
• Turbine Exducer(mm): 48
• Exhaust Housing A/R: .79
• P20 Exhaust housing
• Internally Wastegated (1 kilo~ 14.223 psi)
• Rated: 250-350hp
• Flange: Subaru OEM turbo flange
• Same turbo as originally equipped on JDM Ver.3 STi models (22B). Similar to the VF22, as it utilizes the same P20 exhaust housing (largest of the P-series exhaust housings). Uses the smaller compressor housing of the VF24 for faster response and excellent low and mid-range with considerably less turbo lag than the VF22. Full boost expected between 2800-3200rpm.
• Direct bolt-on replacement turbo for 2002+ Subaru WRX and EJ20 STI engines. Not intended for the EJ25 STI.

InitialD 4

So I've been playing the Initial D simulator game at CEC in Edison for some time. At first it gave me a headache, but then the experience became well worth it. The only downside of the local machine is that there is no card reader and you cant shift.
Now theres this! InitialD 4. Everything the other one was supposed to be, plus you get to open a door, look over at your head to head opponent. This is the best experience ever! I'm going to go broke.....

You don't know

I wanted to practice how to get spares, but when you start trash talking in the 4th. I close out and take yo money. Thats not fun for me or you. Can we just have a good time?