so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

Going into 2010

I know I missed xmas this year, but for this new year i have a present for everyone out there. You aren't here to see it, but with faith, you can see this box i have for you. This gift for you is a magic box. i ask you to wish for what is inside, not for yourself but for someone else, because all i see is the good in all of you and i know you will wish something good. and even if ill willed, its your wish and defines you. believe in possibilities, in yourself, cuz i believe in you. feel better about yourself, about your lives, not just about being alive. I'm not gone, I'm always around, reminding you life is not a box, but a box filled with hope and faith, and most of all magic. do this for yourselves, for your neighbors, because I can't. I hope I got to see everyone of you this new year.