so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

Paranormal Activity

I am so hating on this movie. If it was supposed to be the best scary movie, then people must have a different definition of scary or I'm Mr. Macho. There were scary scenes, but it was like 3, that you can find basically in any youtubed trailer for that movie. So just watch the trailer and save your $10 for 10 bacon junior cheese burgers.

The movie opens up with 120 minutes of talk and nothing happening. Then its ruined even more with the night scenes where when there is hours of nothing happening, the counter on the camera is in fast forward, so you know when it resumes to normal speed, 'something' is going to happen. Way to kill the suspense. Then a few scenes of 'scary' and by the time the movie picks up, it ends. And end with nothing. Not even credits. Now if they added stuff after the blank screen where the credits was supposed to be, then maybe they could have made even more money from the people that left too early and wanted to check it out. Then that would have been good marketing. but still people felt compelled to go again. Even maybe some short scenes or video after like they did in 'Hangover' to keep people gasping.

If this was based on true events, then those people haunted had a rookie ghost that wasnt good at his job. Or, if it was based on true events, then i wish it wasnt and they made a faker story so they can add to it so you can get your moneys worth. The trailer is seriously sufficient. Unless your are that scared then i guess. But driving in NJ is seriously scarier than this movie.

I dont have enough thumbs to point down, and maybe i'm hating, but its my opinion and im sure others didnt enjoy it. But if you like it, then cool, your scared and cant sleep. Just don't be closed minded to others opinions. After all, I feel like I am the only one that liked 'Super Hero Movie'.