so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.


If your not on Facebook's Farmville, maybe you shouldn't. Its addicting and can consume alot of time if you care about it. For me its the perfect venue to kill time, since i dont really sleep, i can tend to my farm. I even make pictures cuz i got bored and sacrificed money making crop area to make my 'crop circles'. A friend of mine, Jen, even made a school project out of the effects of Farmville and used some of my creations to display on her site. This can be viewed HERE.

Wonder Girls NOBODY US Debut Single HD MV

thats awesome its in english now. bringing back good times. i did a dance contest for wondergirls. all we won was best costume. but it was fun.

Our best costume entry

Paranormal Activity

I am so hating on this movie. If it was supposed to be the best scary movie, then people must have a different definition of scary or I'm Mr. Macho. There were scary scenes, but it was like 3, that you can find basically in any youtubed trailer for that movie. So just watch the trailer and save your $10 for 10 bacon junior cheese burgers.

The movie opens up with 120 minutes of talk and nothing happening. Then its ruined even more with the night scenes where when there is hours of nothing happening, the counter on the camera is in fast forward, so you know when it resumes to normal speed, 'something' is going to happen. Way to kill the suspense. Then a few scenes of 'scary' and by the time the movie picks up, it ends. And end with nothing. Not even credits. Now if they added stuff after the blank screen where the credits was supposed to be, then maybe they could have made even more money from the people that left too early and wanted to check it out. Then that would have been good marketing. but still people felt compelled to go again. Even maybe some short scenes or video after like they did in 'Hangover' to keep people gasping.

If this was based on true events, then those people haunted had a rookie ghost that wasnt good at his job. Or, if it was based on true events, then i wish it wasnt and they made a faker story so they can add to it so you can get your moneys worth. The trailer is seriously sufficient. Unless your are that scared then i guess. But driving in NJ is seriously scarier than this movie.

I dont have enough thumbs to point down, and maybe i'm hating, but its my opinion and im sure others didnt enjoy it. But if you like it, then cool, your scared and cant sleep. Just don't be closed minded to others opinions. After all, I feel like I am the only one that liked 'Super Hero Movie'.


got a good reason to get the iPhone now. And probably get this app as well.

video for app


For the past 2 weeks, so much has happened, that my Trichotillomania has returned, and had progressed into localized compulsive behavior. the physical result is multiple open wounds (current count-9)in my scalp that i hide with my length of hair and a hat. I can no longer shave my head cuz of this recent self mutilation. i am not proud, i have a problem, ask and i will show you because my humility will help cure me. That is also why i am blogging about it. This is how i hate myself. I hope it doesnt get worse. I'm grateful for the friends i still have to help me through my self inflicted trauma.

Fall Nationals October 4, 2009

Winding down to the end of the season, things can get out of hand. But for this team, putting thing aside and showing everyone why they are such a great team is not a problem. After all is said and done, the NIMTOUR still proves themselves time and time again. As with any club, organization, or team of any kind, working as a family means taking the good with the bad. Every family has their arguments issues and difference of opinions, but how you deal with them is key to what makes a tight knit comraderie, that is the backbone of greatness. Its what seperates the teams that break off, shut down, or dissolve from teams that have stood the test of time. As 2010 come around the corner, New Image is just going to get stronger...10 years strong and still counting. Not many can say that.

best team overall quality $600

1st place accord

1st place civic 4 dr

3rd place RSX / TSX

1st place nissan

1st place lexus

2nd place VW 2dr

1st place euro other

3rd place evo

1st place evo

2nd place subaru

2nd place scion xB

1st place radical mild

best euro $250

best asian $250