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Importfest Toronto September 12, 2009

When push comes to shove, being part of a quality team makes up for anything ill fate can throw into the mix. This is evident for this team for this weekend. After the broken down cars, popped vaccuum lines, hotel lobby fights, lost keys, getting lost in canada, being detained in customs on the way in, being detained at customs on the way out, the lack of judging for unfavorable results, and whatever else could have gone wrong would have. NIM kept a strong presence at the show and didn't let these obstacles phase them. Canada got a taste of what a great team is about. Rolling 10 deep including the debut of the wide body white lexus, the NIMTOUR09 crossed the border to make an impact on the show. Quoting the awards MC, 'New Image, you done yet?' NO. there's more to come. Just remember, there's no 'I' in team

baddest IS250 1st place
baddest toyota
baddest engine
baddest paint and/or vinyl

baddest IS250 2nd place

baddest accord/TSX 1st place

baddest civic 2/4 door 1st place

baddest S2000 2nd place
baddest JDM 3rd place

baddest lancer 1st place
baddest mitsubishi

baddest lancer 2nd place

baddest euro 1st place