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Let my guard down....

When I first saw you,
I thought you were too good to be true,
The innocent look in your eyes,
Made me realize I loved you,
For weeks I am perfect to see if you saw me too,
You started coming around and I thought,
It must be too good to be true,
And it was,
Who ever thought some one like you could hurt me so bad, I saw you flirting with other things in life,
I didn't know what to do,
I love you,
We became more and I was so happy,
But one day you told me you didnt want to deal with this,
That very moment my heart shattered,
I cried like it was the first time i got hurt, this bad, it was,
But i wanted to reconcile,
you werent haveing it so i went home,
And that moment I cried a million tears,
I hope you are happy now,
I don't care about anything but us,
All because you get what you want,
Well now its my turn to wait,
my turn to hurt,
I turn to live my life just wishing for you,
I hope these words make your life, our life,
'I love you'