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HIN PA June 9, 2009

Its like a suicide mission. NIMTOUR09 knew going into PA was going to be nothing but trees and farms, but the real surprise was the conditions of the venue. Parking pristine painted show cars on loose rock pavement with dust and debris is not the ideal conditions for a show, but they made the most of it and came out strong and in numbers. Situated past the main stage, NIMTOUR09 is easily recognized by branded shirts, NIMbar and hot cars. Don't get it mixed up, it was just the NEW IMAGE in the roped off section. So they made something out of the long day where the sun was beating down during the day and dust flying around the whole time. They made it a good time and the pics prove it. But they know that next time they coming pro, and by pro i mean keeping the area clean.

team representation 2nd

3rd place hottest driven vehicle

2nd place hottest driven vehicle
hottest driven mitsubishi

2nd place hottest performance vehicle
hottest performance honda
hottest JDM aftermarket

hottest unlimited infinity
hottest unlimited lexus
hottest engineered vehicle

hottest driven mercedes

hottest unlimited mercedes
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