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Azevedo Motorsports Car Show June 6, 2009

Doing back to back shows is hardcore. The NIMTOUR09 came out after a arduous day at HINPA the night before to come and support one of the teams good friend's, Rui Azevedo. It is his first show ever and of course New Image is going to show their love and support for the shop. Many of the team cars have been going to the shop and the shop cranks out our magazine cars one after another. As an integral part of the NIMTOUR's success, Azevedo Motorsports is always on our schedule. The day progressed as laid back as can be, with barbecuing, DJ providing music, the ice cream truck came thru all day, and just hanging out under the trees in the park. It was good to just relax and have a good time with the NIM family. For more information on Azevedo Motorsports visit or call 908.925.3157 to start your show stopping, high horsepower build.