so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

Summer Slam NJ June 28, 2009

Armed with tents to shelter and coolers of 'drinks', NIMTOUR09 came out to Englishtown, NJ for the annual SUMMER SLAM event. Parking for the team cars was segregated into classes, so we had to run back and forth to check on the cars and for the judges. But as many cars gave up and went home, the NIM cars migrated to the tents to congregate and have a good time. The venue was packed with many of the local clubs coming for the $1000 prize for deepest club. 'Who won the money?'...."NOT US!" But we did manage these....

1st place radical mild
best engine

1st place subaru

2nd place euro luxury

1st place civic 4 door

1st place evo

1st place accord

2nd place acura

1st place toyota

Infamous Creationz Summer Showdown June 13, 2009

Our good friends at Infamous creations hosted their annual car show in Old Bridge hosted by MC Slick. Despite the rain, the show went on, drawing out 100+ cars from the area. Lots of familiar faces and vendors spanned the show floor. Some of the NIM cars came out to support IC and took home a couple awards.

best quality team

3rd place scion

1st place subaru
best vinyl graphics

1st place 4dr civic

best JDM
best engine performance

Azevedo Motorsports Car Show June 6, 2009

Doing back to back shows is hardcore. The NIMTOUR09 came out after a arduous day at HINPA the night before to come and support one of the teams good friend's, Rui Azevedo. It is his first show ever and of course New Image is going to show their love and support for the shop. Many of the team cars have been going to the shop and the shop cranks out our magazine cars one after another. As an integral part of the NIMTOUR's success, Azevedo Motorsports is always on our schedule. The day progressed as laid back as can be, with barbecuing, DJ providing music, the ice cream truck came thru all day, and just hanging out under the trees in the park. It was good to just relax and have a good time with the NIM family. For more information on Azevedo Motorsports visit or call 908.925.3157 to start your show stopping, high horsepower build.


HIN PA June 9, 2009

Its like a suicide mission. NIMTOUR09 knew going into PA was going to be nothing but trees and farms, but the real surprise was the conditions of the venue. Parking pristine painted show cars on loose rock pavement with dust and debris is not the ideal conditions for a show, but they made the most of it and came out strong and in numbers. Situated past the main stage, NIMTOUR09 is easily recognized by branded shirts, NIMbar and hot cars. Don't get it mixed up, it was just the NEW IMAGE in the roped off section. So they made something out of the long day where the sun was beating down during the day and dust flying around the whole time. They made it a good time and the pics prove it. But they know that next time they coming pro, and by pro i mean keeping the area clean.

team representation 2nd

3rd place hottest driven vehicle

2nd place hottest driven vehicle
hottest driven mitsubishi

2nd place hottest performance vehicle
hottest performance honda
hottest JDM aftermarket

hottest unlimited infinity
hottest unlimited lexus
hottest engineered vehicle

hottest driven mercedes

hottest unlimited mercedes
best of show driven

Let my guard down....

When I first saw you,
I thought you were too good to be true,
The innocent look in your eyes,
Made me realize I loved you,
For weeks I am perfect to see if you saw me too,
You started coming around and I thought,
It must be too good to be true,
And it was,
Who ever thought some one like you could hurt me so bad, I saw you flirting with other things in life,
I didn't know what to do,
I love you,
We became more and I was so happy,
But one day you told me you didnt want to deal with this,
That very moment my heart shattered,
I cried like it was the first time i got hurt, this bad, it was,
But i wanted to reconcile,
you werent haveing it so i went home,
And that moment I cried a million tears,
I hope you are happy now,
I don't care about anything but us,
All because you get what you want,
Well now its my turn to wait,
my turn to hurt,
I turn to live my life just wishing for you,
I hope these words make your life, our life,
'I love you'