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Hot Import Nights, Englishtown NJ May 16, 2009

Hot Import Nights will be landing in NJ based New Image Motorsports home state. Even the official flyer has NIM's very own Best of Show Lexus as the cover. You can be assured that there will be a huge NIM turnout for this one. Be sure to stop by the NIM camp and visit our friends at the Speedlounge booth and Eat Sleep Race. Even though some of the NIM heavy hitters will be MIA due to major overhauls TBA at later events, the other members will be working hard to make it a great event for the spectators. Whenever NIM is home court you can expect big things, like NYCelife's own DJ Yoshi rockin the Tables and Mic with mix tapes, t-shirt giveaways, freebees, and lots of eye candy. 

If you didn't get your tickets for this event yet, get them online @ HIN so you dont have to wait in the long lines. Use the coupon code "TSL" to save you some $.  CLICK to order.