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HIN Englishtown, NJ May 16, 2009

The NIMTOUR09 makes another great turnout in HIN NJ bringing a good time and a couple of those trophy things. Despite the on and off drizzles and relentless pollen, NIM was able to make the roped off section the life of the show. Situated at the main entrance, the first thing you see when you come into HIN is the NIM party. DJ Yoshi kept the crowd coming over. Cyndi Tran had the crowd mesmerized. Branded giveaways were flying, NIM t-shirts, NIM sneaker bags, NIM towels, NIM glow sticks and even sham-wow had to come over with some product giveaways to get in on the action. There was even a congo line and bottles popping. It was a sea of gold foiled red shirted members having a blast. And the 21 NIM cars were cool.

Congrats to all the winners and the NIMTOUR. All the glitz and glamor would not be possible if it werent for the contributions and dedication of those like
Done-Rite Autobody
CIN AllStars
Hy-Tuned Audio and Security
and of course our family and friends that have accepted our lifestyle.

best team attendance $200
best team representation 1st $300
best team overall $1000

hottest unlimited lexus
Best of Show unlimited $1200
VIP vehicle 2nd

hottest performance vehicle (2000 and up) 2nd place $100
hottest performance honda

hottest driven acura

hottest vinyl
hottest female ride 2nd

hottest performance mercedes
hottest luxury vehicle 2nd

hottest unlimited mercedes
hottest luxury

hottest performance nissan
hottest unlimited audi
hottest engine aesthetics

hotttest driven mitsubishi

2nd place go-go competition