so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.


So i was driving and i saw this bus. It was interesting and to keep myself awake on my long drive i took a couple videos, edited it, added sound effects and published it to my blog all from the driver's seat. Thank god for mobile internet.

HIN Englishtown, NJ May 16, 2009

The NIMTOUR09 makes another great turnout in HIN NJ bringing a good time and a couple of those trophy things. Despite the on and off drizzles and relentless pollen, NIM was able to make the roped off section the life of the show. Situated at the main entrance, the first thing you see when you come into HIN is the NIM party. DJ Yoshi kept the crowd coming over. Cyndi Tran had the crowd mesmerized. Branded giveaways were flying, NIM t-shirts, NIM sneaker bags, NIM towels, NIM glow sticks and even sham-wow had to come over with some product giveaways to get in on the action. There was even a congo line and bottles popping. It was a sea of gold foiled red shirted members having a blast. And the 21 NIM cars were cool.

Congrats to all the winners and the NIMTOUR. All the glitz and glamor would not be possible if it werent for the contributions and dedication of those like
Done-Rite Autobody
CIN AllStars
Hy-Tuned Audio and Security
and of course our family and friends that have accepted our lifestyle.

best team attendance $200
best team representation 1st $300
best team overall $1000

hottest unlimited lexus
Best of Show unlimited $1200
VIP vehicle 2nd

hottest performance vehicle (2000 and up) 2nd place $100
hottest performance honda

hottest driven acura

hottest vinyl
hottest female ride 2nd

hottest performance mercedes
hottest luxury vehicle 2nd

hottest unlimited mercedes
hottest luxury

hottest performance nissan
hottest unlimited audi
hottest engine aesthetics

hotttest driven mitsubishi

2nd place go-go competition

Hot Import Nights, Englishtown NJ May 16, 2009

Hot Import Nights will be landing in NJ based New Image Motorsports home state. Even the official flyer has NIM's very own Best of Show Lexus as the cover. You can be assured that there will be a huge NIM turnout for this one. Be sure to stop by the NIM camp and visit our friends at the Speedlounge booth and Eat Sleep Race. Even though some of the NIM heavy hitters will be MIA due to major overhauls TBA at later events, the other members will be working hard to make it a great event for the spectators. Whenever NIM is home court you can expect big things, like NYCelife's own DJ Yoshi rockin the Tables and Mic with mix tapes, t-shirt giveaways, freebees, and lots of eye candy. 

If you didn't get your tickets for this event yet, get them online @ HIN so you dont have to wait in the long lines. Use the coupon code "TSL" to save you some $.  CLICK to order.

HIN Boston Results

Best Performance Honda
Hottest performance vehicle
Runner Up JDM
Hottest Vinyl
Female Ride Runner-Up
Hottest Mitsubishi Driven
Hottest Unlimited Lexus
Hottest Engine
Best advanced Import
Luxury Runner Up ( M45 )

NIMTOUR09 goes to HIN Boston, crazy rain, but NIM is just as crazy. That doesn't stop the 5 cars that take the trip to come home with 12 trophies plus best team overall. Its just a taste of what is coming when NIM brings it to the home court at HIN e-town.

Atlantic City trip anyone?

*NEW SCHEDULE* So if you want to take a trip to Atlantic City for 6 hours then this is the way to go. For $35, you get a round trip bus ticket from Oak Tree road. And when you get to the casino you get back 20 to 30 depending on casino. So if you want to either come after work to be back in the morn, walk the boardwalk, check out the outlets, or go to the 'beach', this is the way. Let me know.

HIN BOSTON May 9, 2009

HIN BOSTON another stop on the NIMTOUR09. If your planning on attending, use the coupon code='TSL' of our good friends at to save yourself some $$$$$.

Stop by the NIM booth to see what cars made it out to the event for the event.

Confirmed so far for the event is Ryan bringing out 2 of his show stoppers. The elite IS and VIP Nissan Fuga. Also on the roster for the event is Daniel and his time attack EVO, Bruce and his sleek 5series, and Rich A and his clean Supra. And for his first show as NIM, Rich will be in the line up with his widebody AP1.  Be sure to check out NIM if your are at this event. Want a sneak preview of the caliber of NIM? check out the videos.

Twouble with Twitters: SuperNews!

Twitter seems to be blowing up to crazy proportions. I got one. And like the guy in the video, i too was updating everything as it was happening, by text. Then I set it up that the text i send to update my twitter, also updates my status on my facebook, and then my twitter widget on my blog is also updated. I hope the swine flu doesnt catch on like this.