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Jollibee Woodside, NY

A filipino icon has come to the east coast. Jollibee has landed in Queens, NY. It opened Valentines 09 after much red tape. Anyone that has followed my Facebook group, 'Jollibee East Coast 08', has been waiting for this moment.
When I was finally able to visit the first time (video), one thing on my agenda was to procure the Jollibee doll that was being sold opening day. Sold out. So I enjoyed the food that they had to offer, and went home doll-less.  Little did i know that Maria 'Iyoh' Villamore, VP of Jollibee east coast operations was following my FB group, contacted me, and happen to get me the Jollibee plush I so desired, while she was in the Philippines and would be arriving in the US, and wanted to meet with me to personally give me the doll.
This was so nice of her. I went back to Jollibee to meet with her to get my doll, and show my appreciation, but it seemed to be the other way around. She thanked me for creating a community awareness and supporting her vision. She also offered me dinner for me and my girl which was a very nice surprise. She was very accomadating and even joined us for dinner. We talked alot about where Jollibee is going as a franchise, and she even went to explaining how Jollibee is a real taste of home, from the imported Jollibee branded buckets, cups, gravy, etc. to the atmosphere where you are treated like a customer the filipino way. There will be a large menu expansion coming soon and more locations TBA.
Turns out that she has been looking into other areas to open another Jollibee / Red Ribbon, expand into other heavily filipino inhabited areas. She had mentioned Edison, from where I am from, and asked me about prospective places. I was able to give my two cents, favoring Edison so I hope Jollibee will come to my area. 
The pics show the VP handing me the doll, along with the chicken spaghetti combos, with buko and ube bubble teas and the delicious peach mango pie.  You should give it a try if you are in the Woodside area.