so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.


Dearest to remain nameless,

Your name is pure music to my ears. Truly, I could call it out loud a million times and never tire of its sound.

You know who you are nameless, believe me when I say that not a minute passes without my thoughts turning to you. At this very moment, I wish you were here smiling at me and spending time with me - I would not tire of that either.

Surely you must know how difficult it is for me to pretend as though all is well when you are f-ing clueless. In all honesty, I am very emo these days and lack my usual sense of humor. All my friends tell me to lighten up, but then, they can't understand the torment of my loneliness. How can I lighten up when my heart is torn hopelessly between friendship and more?

Yesterday, I saw someone who reminded me of you, and I had to look twice cuz you asians all look alike. You know, something deep down was hoping against all hope that, by some miracle, it was really you standing there and not some stranger. Truthfully, this has been happening to me a lot lately, and each time my disappointment increases. Sometimes I wonder just how I'm going to last another day.

Woe is me nameless, the fact is, if it weren't for your presence, my loneliness would be totally devastating. You really keep me going and are a source of great comfort and joy. In truth, I crave it with a passion and whenever I see you, my heart races with anticipation, for the words which lie within are my only direct bridge to you.

I pray that the Lord will keep you well, so that someday soon, you can come to your senses. This is my greatest wish.

Until that day is a reality, I remain a sucker.


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