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Tunerwar 09 Harrisburg, PA

New Image comes out of another remarkable season in winning the 2008 national best team award for The season kicks off here at Tunerwar held in Harrisburg, PA where the new F4Challenge system is in place. NIM comes out strong with new and also familiar faces. The shirt were designed with the color scheme of the newly debuted high caliber cration by Dave from S-Max Intercoolers. Colm brings out his pristine 09 Ford Focus aptly named the DT40. NIM comes strongs and the results show, winning a TEAM CHASE award which is the first of 6 needed for the year to secure a spot for the TEAM CHALLENGE. Congrats to the team.

TEAM CHASE AWARD (first of 6 needed to get into team finals)

Runner Up BOS ( excellence award)
Best Paint and Finish
Runner Up Engine Visual

3rd Vinyl Graphics
4th BOS ( excellence award )
Best Performance
Best Engine Visual

Best Domestic
3rd BOS ( Excellence Award )
runner up Bodywork

Special thanks to Brian@speedlounge, Nick@grafx, and Brent K for the additional images.