so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

Panera Dip

PANERA DIP \ˈpan ˈer-ə ˈdip\ v. the distinctive characteristic motion by potential Panera Bread customers carrying a laptop bag when entering the establishment and looking for a seat in the proximity of an outlet. The motion is denoted by a few steps forward, a bending at the waist with a look left or right to see if there is an outlet, repeat. Usually seen in numbers at peak hours when outlets are mostly taken by students and laptop loners.

This is my current attempt to create another definition to add to the nonsense that is My last 2 attempts were successful and were comprised of professional wrestling, hero and fritzcuits. Hopefully this third installment will be made a reality. I need something better to do with my time.


mercury12675 said...

its official. got the auto response that panera dip has been published. yay

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