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Fast & Furious 4 GTG and car show APR 3-4

AMC Theatres
17 Route 1 South
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

April 3rd, 2009 Release Party and GTG (No Registration Required)
Times: 4PM -12AM

April 4th, 2009 Tuned Fast and Furious Car Show (Vehicle Registration Required)
Showtime: 2PM - 12AM
Roll-in: 11AM - 4PM (Roll-In has been extended in sight of long distance attendees)
Trophies: 9PM (Show Car Release will be shortly before 11PM depending on awards)

Car/Truck Registration(Saturday Only): $30
Motorcycle/ATV Registration(Saturday Only): $20
Spectator Admission: Free

So this is right in my backyard so you know ill be representing NIM and MercTV. So if you are in the area on April 3 or 4, come out to support the tuner scene. Several NIM cars will be in attendance, confirmed is the creations of Aaron at ACV with the uber clean STi, along side with Dave Hary of S-max and his SPL S4, VIP 300c and the insane time attack S14. Also be on the look out for other NIM cars that will come out of the woodwork. Surely my friends at Grafx, SpeedLounge and ESR will be representing as well.

Register early for your spot. Spectators are free. Its going to be a good time.....