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So some time ago, i was trying to come up with an idea for my next MercTV video. I was planning on doing a Single Ladies remake. So when i was trying to find a partner, i asked my friend Wes to do it. He wanted to do something different than what i had planned. He suggested a K-pop song called Nobody by Wonder Girls. i never heard of them, but i figured why not, i can do mine some other time. so it was in the works for a month without progress and i get a message, "we got to do this ASAP!!!!!!" Turns out in a week, it was a deadline for a video dance contest to win backstage passes for the Wonder Girls show. So we finished this video quick, 8 hours of taping, and 3 hours of video editing and this is what we came up with. hope you like it, hope it wins lol.

find it on youtube and facebook :)

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