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Speed Channel: HIN show NIM and TWC in Minneapolis

Catch the HIN show where NIM and TWC battle it out for team of the year on SPEED channel. The actual episode starts at around 3:09.

Lots of air time for NIM's Kenny and Ryan and TWC's Eric. The NIM transport rig owned by Rich Ruiz was entered for the show and took home BEST OTHER WILD and also 3rd PLACE TRUCK/SUV. His truck also got air time on SPEED.

Best Team Participation
Runner up Team Rep
Best Team Overall!!!!!

Best Subaru Mild
Best of Show Mild
Best Euro Other

Best Nissan Mild
JDM OEM 1st Place

Best BMW
2nd Place 2 Door Wild

Best Honda Wild
Runner Up Vinyl
Best Interior
Best of Show Radical

Best Lexus Wild
Best Engine
3rd Place JDM aftermarket
Best of Show Performance

3rd place 4 Door Mild
Best Wild Audi

3rd Place 2 door Mild

Best Other WILD
3rd Place Truck/SUV

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Video can also be acessed by visiting

MercTV: Animal Riders Gang

We bad. Don't mess with the ARG or you get our version of gang banged to bad music.

Revealed a New Frontier

So all this time, right under my nose, you have been there. My quest for you has been far and on certain days, and now it has been made clear to me that you are within grasp ever so close, and daily. Had I known of your alternative whereabouts, you would have been frequented more often. From the day I made my residence to this current location, you have been right there. Now I know. Gone are the days of the trek on only monday wednesday friday sat and sunday just to go and find you not there. Your newfound stomping ground is 7 days a week and amongst 4 other collegues providing variety.

Yes, I speak of you, the elusive Quick Chek Chicken Noodle Galore. Why from where I live did I make the solemn pilgramage to Edison QC almost 7 miles away when you have been at the glorious Fords QC location in an area I dare not trek before into unfamiliar territory. I had made this trip so close many times when I visit the evil monetary spending land of Walmart I knew of by my quarters, to now know of your priceless soup bearing land not only a block from my beaten path. Almost 3 years have gone by and i find your place of sale not only but 4 blocks from my home in a direction I dare not follow. Fear not for now I shall be making way to your humble abode to commendeer you and any time of day or night to enjoy your noodles in all its glory.

Translation for those that just dont get me : theres a quick check 4 blocks from my house I just found out after living here 3 years, the edison QC had the chicken noodle only on mon wed fri sat and sun, but the fords QC has it everyday.

Only some of you that have been there can appreciate this.