so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

Going into 2010

I know I missed xmas this year, but for this new year i have a present for everyone out there. You aren't here to see it, but with faith, you can see this box i have for you. This gift for you is a magic box. i ask you to wish for what is inside, not for yourself but for someone else, because all i see is the good in all of you and i know you will wish something good. and even if ill willed, its your wish and defines you. believe in possibilities, in yourself, cuz i believe in you. feel better about yourself, about your lives, not just about being alive. I'm not gone, I'm always around, reminding you life is not a box, but a box filled with hope and faith, and most of all magic. do this for yourselves, for your neighbors, because I can't. I hope I got to see everyone of you this new year.

New toy

Military grade positronic alloy midgravitational gun. From 5 feet I can make a nickel float and move like a star trek tractor beam. Cool.

Happy Thanksgiving 09

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. I know I have a lot to be thankful for, which is soooo true but with the year I've had, the cons have outweighed the pros this time. So 2009 is going out with regret and wishful thinking to close out the year. Going in to December is going to be painful and full of trying times. The ppl that matter get overlooked and the ones i try to hold onto move on. But making the best of it is what life is about.
Each of us is stuck being who we are. Sometimes we fight to change ourselves, but
ultimately this has little effect. We can change what we do, but we cannot change who we are. If you're a happy person, you don't feel trapped. If you're surrounded by people who you love and who love you, if you can do what you want to do in life, if you are at peace with who you are, why would you ever feel trapped? You wouldn't want to change yourself, you wouldn't need to try.
I am not a happy person. Maybe you're not either. Maybe you're too fat, or too thin, too old, or too young. Maybe you're ugly and nobody wants to sleep with you. Maybe everyone wants to sleep with you, but nobody loves you and it's all meaningless. Maybe your body is fucked up and you're in pain all the time. Maybe your mind is fucked up and you're in pain all the time.
I don't know how common this is, but for me, the main problem is that I feel
disconnected from everyone and everything. I have a few people out there who I care about, or who care about me, but no real intimacy with anyone. Worse yet, this is a long term pattern with me, it's been going on for enough years yet that it's quite possible I will be alone for the rest of my life. I try to connect with people, but either I'm to shy or I have nothing to offer. I would like to have friends I could be truly close to, someone that I could be in love with, but I'm psychologically fucked up enough that I don't know how to make this happen.
I like to think that if I had love and intimacy in my life, life wouldn't suck nearly as much. And hell, I think I've reached the point where I'm jealous of everyone. Is there any way to have meaning in your life when you're disconnected from everyone?
I don't think so.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I'd reach out to all by some sort of social network or text but I would be trying too hard, and the ones I want to hear from won't remember. Grass is greener... you dont know what you have... and anything else cliche that fits here. Eat alot, make sure you can make it to work on Monday cuz at least your needed there. Give thanks for what you have, cuz there is always someone out there with less. And win lots of money from football pools and bets to donate to those salvation army things.


if you like to eat, and have fun at the same time join me for buzztime. visit to create a login or visit a location near you as found on the website. I came across this wonder on a trip to Canada and didn't know it was in my area. It was a great experience only to be foiled by a guy named BRIAN CHIN who beat my score. Now I can have my revenge so I'm calling you out Mr. Brian Chin. Come see me...

For those who don't know, its an interactive game played at various retaurants where you play trivia games or card games against other people at other tables and around the country, all in real time. Scores are recorded and also you can track your progress online. There is a rewards type program where you can earn points and win free stuff. its interesting. Check it out @

The Fourth Kind

It's not an owl. Spoiled. Save your money. I'm not watching anymore documentary type or low budget stuff anymore. There is a recession but thats when ppl go to movies instead of vacations. So stop being a victim and produce something worth watching.

NIM on PASnation

Check out PAS MAG's club feature on New Image Motorsports @

And a couple of recent NIM cars on PASMAG's cover::::


If your not on Facebook's Farmville, maybe you shouldn't. Its addicting and can consume alot of time if you care about it. For me its the perfect venue to kill time, since i dont really sleep, i can tend to my farm. I even make pictures cuz i got bored and sacrificed money making crop area to make my 'crop circles'. A friend of mine, Jen, even made a school project out of the effects of Farmville and used some of my creations to display on her site. This can be viewed HERE.

Wonder Girls NOBODY US Debut Single HD MV

thats awesome its in english now. bringing back good times. i did a dance contest for wondergirls. all we won was best costume. but it was fun.

Our best costume entry

Paranormal Activity

I am so hating on this movie. If it was supposed to be the best scary movie, then people must have a different definition of scary or I'm Mr. Macho. There were scary scenes, but it was like 3, that you can find basically in any youtubed trailer for that movie. So just watch the trailer and save your $10 for 10 bacon junior cheese burgers.

The movie opens up with 120 minutes of talk and nothing happening. Then its ruined even more with the night scenes where when there is hours of nothing happening, the counter on the camera is in fast forward, so you know when it resumes to normal speed, 'something' is going to happen. Way to kill the suspense. Then a few scenes of 'scary' and by the time the movie picks up, it ends. And end with nothing. Not even credits. Now if they added stuff after the blank screen where the credits was supposed to be, then maybe they could have made even more money from the people that left too early and wanted to check it out. Then that would have been good marketing. but still people felt compelled to go again. Even maybe some short scenes or video after like they did in 'Hangover' to keep people gasping.

If this was based on true events, then those people haunted had a rookie ghost that wasnt good at his job. Or, if it was based on true events, then i wish it wasnt and they made a faker story so they can add to it so you can get your moneys worth. The trailer is seriously sufficient. Unless your are that scared then i guess. But driving in NJ is seriously scarier than this movie.

I dont have enough thumbs to point down, and maybe i'm hating, but its my opinion and im sure others didnt enjoy it. But if you like it, then cool, your scared and cant sleep. Just don't be closed minded to others opinions. After all, I feel like I am the only one that liked 'Super Hero Movie'.


got a good reason to get the iPhone now. And probably get this app as well.

video for app


For the past 2 weeks, so much has happened, that my Trichotillomania has returned, and had progressed into localized compulsive behavior. the physical result is multiple open wounds (current count-9)in my scalp that i hide with my length of hair and a hat. I can no longer shave my head cuz of this recent self mutilation. i am not proud, i have a problem, ask and i will show you because my humility will help cure me. That is also why i am blogging about it. This is how i hate myself. I hope it doesnt get worse. I'm grateful for the friends i still have to help me through my self inflicted trauma.

Fall Nationals October 4, 2009

Winding down to the end of the season, things can get out of hand. But for this team, putting thing aside and showing everyone why they are such a great team is not a problem. After all is said and done, the NIMTOUR still proves themselves time and time again. As with any club, organization, or team of any kind, working as a family means taking the good with the bad. Every family has their arguments issues and difference of opinions, but how you deal with them is key to what makes a tight knit comraderie, that is the backbone of greatness. Its what seperates the teams that break off, shut down, or dissolve from teams that have stood the test of time. As 2010 come around the corner, New Image is just going to get stronger...10 years strong and still counting. Not many can say that.

best team overall quality $600

1st place accord

1st place civic 4 dr

3rd place RSX / TSX

1st place nissan

1st place lexus

2nd place VW 2dr

1st place euro other

3rd place evo

1st place evo

2nd place subaru

2nd place scion xB

1st place radical mild

best euro $250

best asian $250

Please support JDRF and find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes


I'm writing to you to ask for your support in a very special cause.

This year, I'll be taking part in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's Walk to Cure Diabetes along with a half-million other walkers across the country. Our goal: To raise $105 million to help fund research for a cure for type 1 diabetes and its complications.

Type 1, or juvenile, diabetes, is a devastating, often deadly disease that affects millions of people--a large and growing percentage of them children.

Many people think type 1 diabetes can be controlled by insulin. While insulin does keep people with type 1 diabetes alive, it is NOT a cure. Aside from the daily challenges of living with type 1 diabetes, there are many severe, often fatal, complications caused by the disease.

That's the bad news... and yes, it's pretty bad.

The good news, though, is that a cure for type 1 diabetes is within reach. In fact, JDRF funding and leadership is associated with most major scientific breakthroughs in type 1 diabetes research to date. And JDRF funds a major portion of all type 1 diabetes research worldwide, more than any other charity.

I'm writing to ask for your support because now more than ever, EACH of us can be a part of bringing about a cure. Each of us can make a real difference

Won't you please give to JDRF as generously as you're able?

Together, we can make the cure a reality.

Thank you,


Please visit my Walk Web page if you would like to donate online or see how close I am to reaching my personal goal:

Follow this link to make a donation:

And another decision, not as important as if you going to donate but how much, is what should i wear with our team shirt?

Should i go with the air stab, AM light, or 360 neo?

Importfest Toronto September 12, 2009

When push comes to shove, being part of a quality team makes up for anything ill fate can throw into the mix. This is evident for this team for this weekend. After the broken down cars, popped vaccuum lines, hotel lobby fights, lost keys, getting lost in canada, being detained in customs on the way in, being detained at customs on the way out, the lack of judging for unfavorable results, and whatever else could have gone wrong would have. NIM kept a strong presence at the show and didn't let these obstacles phase them. Canada got a taste of what a great team is about. Rolling 10 deep including the debut of the wide body white lexus, the NIMTOUR09 crossed the border to make an impact on the show. Quoting the awards MC, 'New Image, you done yet?' NO. there's more to come. Just remember, there's no 'I' in team

baddest IS250 1st place
baddest toyota
baddest engine
baddest paint and/or vinyl

baddest IS250 2nd place

baddest accord/TSX 1st place

baddest civic 2/4 door 1st place

baddest S2000 2nd place
baddest JDM 3rd place

baddest lancer 1st place
baddest mitsubishi

baddest lancer 2nd place

baddest euro 1st place

D1GP September 5, 2009

Another local show, another strong show. The NIMTOUR09 is taking the last few shows for the season to another level. The F4 challenge recognizes the hard work and dedication that NIM has brought to the field and the industry as a whole. New Image came 11 strong to show what a well built team is all about. Rolling without a few of the NIM heavy hitters is not a problem for this team when the rest of the team can hold the fort down. 2 team awards and 14 individual award is a job well done. Season is coming to an end, and next stop is IMPORTFEST in toronto. Thanks to Etown, D1, Andy and the F4C for another great show.

chase team award 1 of 3
D1GP best team overall $300

D1GP Chicago All Performance Champ $750
diamond experienced award 1 of 5
hottest performance lexus
outstanding turbo motor visual
amateur division award 1 of 8

experienced division award 1of 4
hottest performance honda

hottest performance acura
outstanding JDM theme 2nd place

outstanding JDM theme 3rd place

hottest performance mercedes

hottest performance scion

hottest performance VW

diamond novice award 1 of 1

Damien Walters Showreel for 2009 (The Ultimate Freerunner)

Mad as a hatter

Like the element, I must be toxic cuz it seems i cant keep things that matter to me or ppl just avoid me. I'm pretty much used to it. And according to this video, it would be awesome if I find a girl named Silver so we can amalgamate. And random fact, Chlorine is a by product of Mercury and my dad wanted to call my sister Chlorine.

'if you have mercury, its an element so you cant burn it or get rid of it...'

'mercury can get into the human body..'

'try to minimize contact with mercury...'

Flipcyde takes the GMA dance competition

My friends from Piscataway, NJ are part of a dance team and call themselves Flipcyde, were part of the Pinoy Dance Finals hosted by GMA and Western Union. The group for the contest was comprised of Melissa 'Sha' Sumallo, Adelle Hernandez, Jan-Wesley Hortillas, Jeff Pagdonsolan, Malcolm Blaze Little, Reubinedde Wa Boogie Malamug, and Tiffany Joy Ladiana. At the end of the night, they walked away with the $7000 first place prize. Congrats! And of course we had a BBQ after, as usual.

RIXMAG car show July 12, 2009

Hot midday then it let up to let our party on. NIM had a blast and it shows. Rolling 24 deep and still having a good time requires team work and it is seen at every show no doubt. NIM is definitely so much more than an organization, it is a family. Involving the kids makes for a great time and the kids definitely help represent the tour. You can not overlook children and joy they bring. Having a show right by the fair for the kids was a great addition. Not to mention the fair food. And for those that didn't get to go on the rides missed out on a good time. Thanks to Rico @ for having us. NIM had a blast. The NIMTOUR09 parties on and on....


1st place lexus
2nd place engine
2nd place JDM
2nd place infinity

1st place honda other
1st place JDM

1st place Mercedes
2nd place audio

1st place accord

1st place ford

1st place vinyl graphics

2nd place scion xB

2nd place acura

1st place wild mitsubishi

2nd place subaru mild
2nd place vinyl graphics

MercTV: Modified Honda Ruckus

The guys at http://speed are starting the ruckus movement here in NJ and run about 5 or so deep. i really want one. the camo one is 150cc and the purple one has been bore and stroked to 210 or something like that.

Summer Slam NJ June 28, 2009

Armed with tents to shelter and coolers of 'drinks', NIMTOUR09 came out to Englishtown, NJ for the annual SUMMER SLAM event. Parking for the team cars was segregated into classes, so we had to run back and forth to check on the cars and for the judges. But as many cars gave up and went home, the NIM cars migrated to the tents to congregate and have a good time. The venue was packed with many of the local clubs coming for the $1000 prize for deepest club. 'Who won the money?'...."NOT US!" But we did manage these....

1st place radical mild
best engine

1st place subaru

2nd place euro luxury

1st place civic 4 door

1st place evo

1st place accord

2nd place acura

1st place toyota

Infamous Creationz Summer Showdown June 13, 2009

Our good friends at Infamous creations hosted their annual car show in Old Bridge hosted by MC Slick. Despite the rain, the show went on, drawing out 100+ cars from the area. Lots of familiar faces and vendors spanned the show floor. Some of the NIM cars came out to support IC and took home a couple awards.

best quality team

3rd place scion

1st place subaru
best vinyl graphics

1st place 4dr civic

best JDM
best engine performance

Azevedo Motorsports Car Show June 6, 2009

Doing back to back shows is hardcore. The NIMTOUR09 came out after a arduous day at HINPA the night before to come and support one of the teams good friend's, Rui Azevedo. It is his first show ever and of course New Image is going to show their love and support for the shop. Many of the team cars have been going to the shop and the shop cranks out our magazine cars one after another. As an integral part of the NIMTOUR's success, Azevedo Motorsports is always on our schedule. The day progressed as laid back as can be, with barbecuing, DJ providing music, the ice cream truck came thru all day, and just hanging out under the trees in the park. It was good to just relax and have a good time with the NIM family. For more information on Azevedo Motorsports visit or call 908.925.3157 to start your show stopping, high horsepower build.


HIN PA June 9, 2009

Its like a suicide mission. NIMTOUR09 knew going into PA was going to be nothing but trees and farms, but the real surprise was the conditions of the venue. Parking pristine painted show cars on loose rock pavement with dust and debris is not the ideal conditions for a show, but they made the most of it and came out strong and in numbers. Situated past the main stage, NIMTOUR09 is easily recognized by branded shirts, NIMbar and hot cars. Don't get it mixed up, it was just the NEW IMAGE in the roped off section. So they made something out of the long day where the sun was beating down during the day and dust flying around the whole time. They made it a good time and the pics prove it. But they know that next time they coming pro, and by pro i mean keeping the area clean.

team representation 2nd

3rd place hottest driven vehicle

2nd place hottest driven vehicle
hottest driven mitsubishi

2nd place hottest performance vehicle
hottest performance honda
hottest JDM aftermarket

hottest unlimited infinity
hottest unlimited lexus
hottest engineered vehicle

hottest driven mercedes

hottest unlimited mercedes
best of show driven

Let my guard down....

When I first saw you,
I thought you were too good to be true,
The innocent look in your eyes,
Made me realize I loved you,
For weeks I am perfect to see if you saw me too,
You started coming around and I thought,
It must be too good to be true,
And it was,
Who ever thought some one like you could hurt me so bad, I saw you flirting with other things in life,
I didn't know what to do,
I love you,
We became more and I was so happy,
But one day you told me you didnt want to deal with this,
That very moment my heart shattered,
I cried like it was the first time i got hurt, this bad, it was,
But i wanted to reconcile,
you werent haveing it so i went home,
And that moment I cried a million tears,
I hope you are happy now,
I don't care about anything but us,
All because you get what you want,
Well now its my turn to wait,
my turn to hurt,
I turn to live my life just wishing for you,
I hope these words make your life, our life,
'I love you'


So i was driving and i saw this bus. It was interesting and to keep myself awake on my long drive i took a couple videos, edited it, added sound effects and published it to my blog all from the driver's seat. Thank god for mobile internet.

HIN Englishtown, NJ May 16, 2009

The NIMTOUR09 makes another great turnout in HIN NJ bringing a good time and a couple of those trophy things. Despite the on and off drizzles and relentless pollen, NIM was able to make the roped off section the life of the show. Situated at the main entrance, the first thing you see when you come into HIN is the NIM party. DJ Yoshi kept the crowd coming over. Cyndi Tran had the crowd mesmerized. Branded giveaways were flying, NIM t-shirts, NIM sneaker bags, NIM towels, NIM glow sticks and even sham-wow had to come over with some product giveaways to get in on the action. There was even a congo line and bottles popping. It was a sea of gold foiled red shirted members having a blast. And the 21 NIM cars were cool.

Congrats to all the winners and the NIMTOUR. All the glitz and glamor would not be possible if it werent for the contributions and dedication of those like
Done-Rite Autobody
CIN AllStars
Hy-Tuned Audio and Security
and of course our family and friends that have accepted our lifestyle.

best team attendance $200
best team representation 1st $300
best team overall $1000

hottest unlimited lexus
Best of Show unlimited $1200
VIP vehicle 2nd

hottest performance vehicle (2000 and up) 2nd place $100
hottest performance honda

hottest driven acura

hottest vinyl
hottest female ride 2nd

hottest performance mercedes
hottest luxury vehicle 2nd

hottest unlimited mercedes
hottest luxury

hottest performance nissan
hottest unlimited audi
hottest engine aesthetics

hotttest driven mitsubishi

2nd place go-go competition

Hot Import Nights, Englishtown NJ May 16, 2009

Hot Import Nights will be landing in NJ based New Image Motorsports home state. Even the official flyer has NIM's very own Best of Show Lexus as the cover. You can be assured that there will be a huge NIM turnout for this one. Be sure to stop by the NIM camp and visit our friends at the Speedlounge booth and Eat Sleep Race. Even though some of the NIM heavy hitters will be MIA due to major overhauls TBA at later events, the other members will be working hard to make it a great event for the spectators. Whenever NIM is home court you can expect big things, like NYCelife's own DJ Yoshi rockin the Tables and Mic with mix tapes, t-shirt giveaways, freebees, and lots of eye candy. 

If you didn't get your tickets for this event yet, get them online @ HIN so you dont have to wait in the long lines. Use the coupon code "TSL" to save you some $.  CLICK to order.

HIN Boston Results

Best Performance Honda
Hottest performance vehicle
Runner Up JDM
Hottest Vinyl
Female Ride Runner-Up
Hottest Mitsubishi Driven
Hottest Unlimited Lexus
Hottest Engine
Best advanced Import
Luxury Runner Up ( M45 )

NIMTOUR09 goes to HIN Boston, crazy rain, but NIM is just as crazy. That doesn't stop the 5 cars that take the trip to come home with 12 trophies plus best team overall. Its just a taste of what is coming when NIM brings it to the home court at HIN e-town.

Atlantic City trip anyone?

*NEW SCHEDULE* So if you want to take a trip to Atlantic City for 6 hours then this is the way to go. For $35, you get a round trip bus ticket from Oak Tree road. And when you get to the casino you get back 20 to 30 depending on casino. So if you want to either come after work to be back in the morn, walk the boardwalk, check out the outlets, or go to the 'beach', this is the way. Let me know.

HIN BOSTON May 9, 2009

HIN BOSTON another stop on the NIMTOUR09. If your planning on attending, use the coupon code='TSL' of our good friends at to save yourself some $$$$$.

Stop by the NIM booth to see what cars made it out to the event for the event.

Confirmed so far for the event is Ryan bringing out 2 of his show stoppers. The elite IS and VIP Nissan Fuga. Also on the roster for the event is Daniel and his time attack EVO, Bruce and his sleek 5series, and Rich A and his clean Supra. And for his first show as NIM, Rich will be in the line up with his widebody AP1.  Be sure to check out NIM if your are at this event. Want a sneak preview of the caliber of NIM? check out the videos.

Twouble with Twitters: SuperNews!

Twitter seems to be blowing up to crazy proportions. I got one. And like the guy in the video, i too was updating everything as it was happening, by text. Then I set it up that the text i send to update my twitter, also updates my status on my facebook, and then my twitter widget on my blog is also updated. I hope the swine flu doesnt catch on like this.


I have allergies. It sucks. Those of you that have it know what i'm talking about. My eyes get itchy and red. I sneeze multiple times in a row. The sneezing causes pains in my veins like they been stretched. I can't drive with the windows open. And i wash my hands obsessively. It seems medications don't work on me. I dislike this season.

Jollibee Woodside, NY

A filipino icon has come to the east coast. Jollibee has landed in Queens, NY. It opened Valentines 09 after much red tape. Anyone that has followed my Facebook group, 'Jollibee East Coast 08', has been waiting for this moment.
When I was finally able to visit the first time (video), one thing on my agenda was to procure the Jollibee doll that was being sold opening day. Sold out. So I enjoyed the food that they had to offer, and went home doll-less.  Little did i know that Maria 'Iyoh' Villamore, VP of Jollibee east coast operations was following my FB group, contacted me, and happen to get me the Jollibee plush I so desired, while she was in the Philippines and would be arriving in the US, and wanted to meet with me to personally give me the doll.
This was so nice of her. I went back to Jollibee to meet with her to get my doll, and show my appreciation, but it seemed to be the other way around. She thanked me for creating a community awareness and supporting her vision. She also offered me dinner for me and my girl which was a very nice surprise. She was very accomadating and even joined us for dinner. We talked alot about where Jollibee is going as a franchise, and she even went to explaining how Jollibee is a real taste of home, from the imported Jollibee branded buckets, cups, gravy, etc. to the atmosphere where you are treated like a customer the filipino way. There will be a large menu expansion coming soon and more locations TBA.
Turns out that she has been looking into other areas to open another Jollibee / Red Ribbon, expand into other heavily filipino inhabited areas. She had mentioned Edison, from where I am from, and asked me about prospective places. I was able to give my two cents, favoring Edison so I hope Jollibee will come to my area. 
The pics show the VP handing me the doll, along with the chicken spaghetti combos, with buko and ube bubble teas and the delicious peach mango pie.  You should give it a try if you are in the Woodside area.

ロッテ Fit's 新発売 CM :: 佐々木希 佐藤健 LOTTE ガム 噛むとフニャン♪

it was catchy. i missed the contest but i made one anyways for fun.

Scary tunnel

Im used to the lincoln tunnel being one way. This was different. One side was closed so we were directed to the left side and there were oncoming cars. Scary.


I like bowling and i'm ok. I only throw brunswick balls. A got an inconsistent throw with a large strike zone. Trying to see if my blogger can get mobile video. Here's a strike from my 207 game.

so apparently videos from my phone go to my blogger. This is going to be interesting.


Check out my friend's upcoming blog for things like his artwork, videos, and poetry. Find him at

Money storm

So if your in the mood for slots, this is one of my favorite machines. The bonus round soundtrack is 'It's raining Men' its the reason i play it. I'm actually on my Way to Caesar's in Atlantic city NJ with some friends. This is also my first mobile written entry. I'll probably check out the outlet mall while im there. So good luck to me. Borgata buffet if we win. But i'll win one way or another today. Http://

HIN englishtown NJ

HIN NY is now being held at Englishtown NJ. So close to home. MercTV will be there covering the New Image cars as usual and its affiliates. I'm sure i'll see a lot of familiar faces from the area and people ive met in the scene. So if your in the area and want to check it out stop by the New Image Motorsports display area, and the Speedlounge/Eat Sleep Race booths. See you there!

Buy Now button

Made a button to make your purchasing of your own MercTV shirt easier. Found in the right column near the bottom at MercTVblog. Enjoy!

Fast & Furious 4 GTG and car show APR 3-4

AMC Theatres
17 Route 1 South
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

April 3rd, 2009 Release Party and GTG (No Registration Required)
Times: 4PM -12AM

April 4th, 2009 Tuned Fast and Furious Car Show (Vehicle Registration Required)
Showtime: 2PM - 12AM
Roll-in: 11AM - 4PM (Roll-In has been extended in sight of long distance attendees)
Trophies: 9PM (Show Car Release will be shortly before 11PM depending on awards)

Car/Truck Registration(Saturday Only): $30
Motorcycle/ATV Registration(Saturday Only): $20
Spectator Admission: Free

So this is right in my backyard so you know ill be representing NIM and MercTV. So if you are in the area on April 3 or 4, come out to support the tuner scene. Several NIM cars will be in attendance, confirmed is the creations of Aaron at ACV with the uber clean STi, along side with Dave Hary of S-max and his SPL S4, VIP 300c and the insane time attack S14. Also be on the look out for other NIM cars that will come out of the woodwork. Surely my friends at Grafx, SpeedLounge and ESR will be representing as well.

Register early for your spot. Spectators are free. Its going to be a good time.....

If you knew it was you, what would you do?

Dear [Name],

Greetings from [city/state/country]! I sincerely hope that all is well with you and yours. I am fine. Surprisingly, I've been keeping myself quite busy since I last saw you. Which reminds me, the last time we were together I had a (ball/blast/great time), and you were so [charming/crazy/funny/hilarious] I couldn't get over it. In fact, I still haven't.

[Name], I think of you every day - I can't help myself! Memories of pleasant times with you are hard to suppress, and being within range of you doesn't help matters either because it makes me wish I could be with you even more. Truthfully, knowing that you are alive and I can't be with you is an unbearable torment.

[Name], when will I see you again? I can't stand the pain and anguish of our separation much longer. I yearn to gaze into your captivating eyes. I crave your tender touch, your warm embrace and your passionate kiss. I yearn for the day when I can be with you again.

Until that [fateful/wonderful] day arrives, I wish you the best life has to offer. [Name], please take good care of yourself and call me so I can act like nothing as usual.



Dearest to remain nameless,

Your name is pure music to my ears. Truly, I could call it out loud a million times and never tire of its sound.

You know who you are nameless, believe me when I say that not a minute passes without my thoughts turning to you. At this very moment, I wish you were here smiling at me and spending time with me - I would not tire of that either.

Surely you must know how difficult it is for me to pretend as though all is well when you are f-ing clueless. In all honesty, I am very emo these days and lack my usual sense of humor. All my friends tell me to lighten up, but then, they can't understand the torment of my loneliness. How can I lighten up when my heart is torn hopelessly between friendship and more?

Yesterday, I saw someone who reminded me of you, and I had to look twice cuz you asians all look alike. You know, something deep down was hoping against all hope that, by some miracle, it was really you standing there and not some stranger. Truthfully, this has been happening to me a lot lately, and each time my disappointment increases. Sometimes I wonder just how I'm going to last another day.

Woe is me nameless, the fact is, if it weren't for your presence, my loneliness would be totally devastating. You really keep me going and are a source of great comfort and joy. In truth, I crave it with a passion and whenever I see you, my heart races with anticipation, for the words which lie within are my only direct bridge to you.

I pray that the Lord will keep you well, so that someday soon, you can come to your senses. This is my greatest wish.

Until that day is a reality, I remain a sucker.


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Panera Dip

PANERA DIP \ˈpan ˈer-ə ˈdip\ v. the distinctive characteristic motion by potential Panera Bread customers carrying a laptop bag when entering the establishment and looking for a seat in the proximity of an outlet. The motion is denoted by a few steps forward, a bending at the waist with a look left or right to see if there is an outlet, repeat. Usually seen in numbers at peak hours when outlets are mostly taken by students and laptop loners.

This is my current attempt to create another definition to add to the nonsense that is My last 2 attempts were successful and were comprised of professional wrestling, hero and fritzcuits. Hopefully this third installment will be made a reality. I need something better to do with my time.

ME are see you are why?

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag 10 people (including me). Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real. . .nothing made up!

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1. What is your name: MERCURY
2. A four Letter Word: MURK
3. A boy's Name: MORK
4. A girl's Name: MINDY
5. An occupation: MASOCHIST
6. A color: MAROON
7. Something you wear: MITTENS
9. Something found in the bathroom: MANPONS
10. A Place: MERCURY
11. A reason for being late: MISUNDERSTANDING
12. Something you shout: MINE
13. A movie title: MERCURY RISING
14. Something you drink: MILK
15. A musician: MERCURY, FREDDIE
16. An animal: MOUSES
17. A street name: MERCURY RD off vinyard, MERCURY AVE off new dover
18. A type of car: MERCURY
19. Something scary: MERCURY POISONING
20. Ice cream flavor: MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP


My burden is my cross to bear. It is everything i said i wasn't, and everything you know me not. Pay no attention to me. That would be a big help. I can't help it.

Buffalo Blast

menu description:
Chicken Breast, Cheese and Our Spicy Buffalo Sauce
all Stuffed in a Spiced Wrapper and Fried until Crisp.
Served with Celery Sticks and Blue Cheese Dressing

so i had these for the first time. it was amazing. the textures came together in a nice packet of fried goodness with an abundance or flavors. its like heaven sent for those that have gotten root canals or cant bite cuz the tender moist chicken just melts in your mouth and you dont have to bite hard to tear into the yumminess. something i will always order when im at the Cheesecake Factory.

25 randoms so i dont have to splain myself.

Here are the rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I wanted to bug you or know more about you.

To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.

1. I'm a firm believer in the LOL rule. As long as you add LOL to the end of text / IM / whatever, you can say anything without getting in trouble / hurting feeling / or accidentally saying something you shouldn't have. you know you do it too, maybe now you'll notice.

2. Back in the day nintendo consumed me that instead of pausing i would just pee in the corner

3. I became a man at 25, but still feel like im 20 and act it.

4. I tend to match my shoes / hat / shirt and depending on season my gloves / jacket / skully / shorts

5. im kinda organized, i fold my clothes like its a store.

6. I really don't like cars. But I'm heavily involved in the scene.

7. I went to an all boys school cuz there were no girls.

8. I don't think I'm as awesome as people say, but it gets annoying so I play along.

9. Impulse buying should be an occupation

10. XXX don't smoke, don't drink, don't vote

11. SONY everything!!!!!!!!

12. sometimes i don't know why people even bother listening to me when i get obscenly ridiculous, but then when i am serious about serious things, people dont listen.

13. I'm computer illiterate

14. Heed my advice. And if i say 'anything for you', then within my power and maybe beyond, its true. I'm usually too good to be true.

15. i dont share my drink and i wont share with yours

16. I collect the weirdest most random things, then i organize them. please don't comment lol

17. Not really a fan of Hello Kitty. It's true. No matter how it may look.

18. I'm shy. I get nervous around girls and strangers and my first impression is usually bad.

19. typical nice guy, you'll find me last, come visit me

20. my grandma means everything to me, but i dont get to see her. she raised me and i dont know what im going to do when she goes.

21. my sister and I have the same birthday. I have 4 other sets of friends with the same deal.

22. My earliest memory is in pre=school when i first saw a urinal and took a dump in it. Wall toilet, what else could it be, i was young.

23. I was convinced to go on a cruise because of the all you can eat bacon

24. I seriously watched All My Children on ABC for 16 years and stopped cold turkey cuz of a promise.

25. I'm going to regret writing this. LOL

unrequited disingenuous slivers of contagious peremptive foresight modified

i just hate how i have to listen to her bitch and moan all the time, and when i finally complain to her she asks me me to leave. like what the hell? i’m so angry right now i could cry. i mean i just gave myself a bruise because i repeatedly stabbed myself with a dull pen to release the anger (i can’t bottle it up, even if i wanted to). i know, i know. ‘she is psycho.’ i’ve come to terms with that when i was suicidal, who cares. which brings me to mention - i told my sister about my past suicidal thoughts and she was all blase about it. WTF, yo? i finally open up to you, and you don’t respond to shit.

another thing - i hate how she’s all giddy and fake. in front of her girlfriends she’s all nice. she talked about my paintings, and said in front of her girlfriends, ‘yea merc why don’t you paint me something?’. i promptly gave her my favorite painting - a sunset seascape. as soon as her girlfriend leaves, what do i see? my favorite painting tossed on my desk and no other mention of my art. why so cruel?

i guess i’m just really frustrated with my life right now. the library is charging me for things i already returned, so i have to go there and make a case about it tomorrow. it pisses me off. my girlfriend and i don’t have many of the same interests anymore, and neither of us are willing to really make an effort. Rent is due and i cant cover. my performances are not on point… i guess i’m just sick of it. i better quit now before my emo -ness gets out of hand.


New Image comes out of another remarkable season in winning the 2008 national best team award for The season kicks off here at Tunerwar held in Harrisburg, PA where the new F4Challenge system is in place. NIM comes out strong with new and also familiar faces. The shirt were designed with the color scheme of the newly debuted high caliber cration by Dave from S-Max Intercoolers. Colm brings out his pristine 09 Ford Focus aptly named the DT40. NIM comes strongs and the results show, winning a TEAM CHASE award which is the first of 6 needed for the year to secure a spot for the TEAM CHALLENGE. Congrats to the team.

TEAM CHASE AWARD (first of 6 needed to get into team finals)

Runner Up BOS ( excellence award)
Best Paint and Finish
Runner Up Engine Visual

3rd Vinyl Graphics
4th BOS ( excellence award )
Best Performance
Best Engine Visual

Best Domestic
3rd BOS ( Excellence Award )
runner up Bodywork

Special thanks to Brian@speedlounge, Nick@grafx, and Brent K for the additional images.

Tunerwar 09 Harrisburg, PA

New Image comes out of another remarkable season in winning the 2008 national best team award for The season kicks off here at Tunerwar held in Harrisburg, PA where the new F4Challenge system is in place. NIM comes out strong with new and also familiar faces. The shirt were designed with the color scheme of the newly debuted high caliber cration by Dave from S-Max Intercoolers. Colm brings out his pristine 09 Ford Focus aptly named the DT40. NIM comes strongs and the results show, winning a TEAM CHASE award which is the first of 6 needed for the year to secure a spot for the TEAM CHALLENGE. Congrats to the team.

TEAM CHASE AWARD (first of 6 needed to get into team finals)

Runner Up BOS ( excellence award)
Best Paint and Finish
Runner Up Engine Visual

3rd Vinyl Graphics
4th BOS ( excellence award )
Best Performance
Best Engine Visual

Best Domestic
3rd BOS ( Excellence Award )
runner up Bodywork

Special thanks to Brian@speedlounge, Nick@grafx, and Brent K for the additional images.


So some time ago, i was trying to come up with an idea for my next MercTV video. I was planning on doing a Single Ladies remake. So when i was trying to find a partner, i asked my friend Wes to do it. He wanted to do something different than what i had planned. He suggested a K-pop song called Nobody by Wonder Girls. i never heard of them, but i figured why not, i can do mine some other time. so it was in the works for a month without progress and i get a message, "we got to do this ASAP!!!!!!" Turns out in a week, it was a deadline for a video dance contest to win backstage passes for the Wonder Girls show. So we finished this video quick, 8 hours of taping, and 3 hours of video editing and this is what we came up with. hope you like it, hope it wins lol.

find it on youtube and facebook :)

Cna yuo raed this?

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i cdnuolt blveiee that I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd what I was rdanieg.

The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at
Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in what oerdr the ltteres in a
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the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it
whotuit a pboerlm. This is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey
lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! if you
raed this forwrad it.

Speed Channel: HIN show NIM and TWC in Minneapolis

Catch the HIN show where NIM and TWC battle it out for team of the year on SPEED channel. The actual episode starts at around 3:09.

Lots of air time for NIM's Kenny and Ryan and TWC's Eric. The NIM transport rig owned by Rich Ruiz was entered for the show and took home BEST OTHER WILD and also 3rd PLACE TRUCK/SUV. His truck also got air time on SPEED.

Best Team Participation
Runner up Team Rep
Best Team Overall!!!!!

Best Subaru Mild
Best of Show Mild
Best Euro Other

Best Nissan Mild
JDM OEM 1st Place

Best BMW
2nd Place 2 Door Wild

Best Honda Wild
Runner Up Vinyl
Best Interior
Best of Show Radical

Best Lexus Wild
Best Engine
3rd Place JDM aftermarket
Best of Show Performance

3rd place 4 Door Mild
Best Wild Audi

3rd Place 2 door Mild

Best Other WILD
3rd Place Truck/SUV

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Video can also be acessed by visiting

MercTV: Animal Riders Gang

We bad. Don't mess with the ARG or you get our version of gang banged to bad music.

Revealed a New Frontier

So all this time, right under my nose, you have been there. My quest for you has been far and on certain days, and now it has been made clear to me that you are within grasp ever so close, and daily. Had I known of your alternative whereabouts, you would have been frequented more often. From the day I made my residence to this current location, you have been right there. Now I know. Gone are the days of the trek on only monday wednesday friday sat and sunday just to go and find you not there. Your newfound stomping ground is 7 days a week and amongst 4 other collegues providing variety.

Yes, I speak of you, the elusive Quick Chek Chicken Noodle Galore. Why from where I live did I make the solemn pilgramage to Edison QC almost 7 miles away when you have been at the glorious Fords QC location in an area I dare not trek before into unfamiliar territory. I had made this trip so close many times when I visit the evil monetary spending land of Walmart I knew of by my quarters, to now know of your priceless soup bearing land not only a block from my beaten path. Almost 3 years have gone by and i find your place of sale not only but 4 blocks from my home in a direction I dare not follow. Fear not for now I shall be making way to your humble abode to commendeer you and any time of day or night to enjoy your noodles in all its glory.

Translation for those that just dont get me : theres a quick check 4 blocks from my house I just found out after living here 3 years, the edison QC had the chicken noodle only on mon wed fri sat and sun, but the fords QC has it everyday.

Only some of you that have been there can appreciate this.