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YESman Dec 19

There's this movie coming out called YESman or something like that starring Jim Carey. And i like to think that's me, or at least a form of me. And I am so bored that i'm going to explain why and how i got there.

Its a choice. You know there is two ways to say something and the one you chose defines your type of person. I will help you get a better attitude, but i cant make you have the positive attitude. I can inspire, show your place, and answer few things.

Its all in your reaction and how you deal with your surroundings. That crap about the road less travelled is true. Anyone can anger you in a second, but to be positive about the same situation can take years to learn to do. It is worth it once you know how. It has nothing to do with what happens to you, its what you do with and how you react to what happens to you.

What is Positive attitude or what i refer to as 'awesome'? Its how you choose to react and dedicate yourself to the way you think and react in a positive way. Some do it sometimes, so most don't, and few have it all the time. You know who you are. Attitude challenges are everywhere, and the closer the people that challenge you are, the more vulnerable you are to them. Their probs become your probs and like a fool you accept the invitation to the crap party. If you really know me, you may frequently see me: walk away because i focus on me, :look how i can take a situation and make it a win, even if i have to trick myself, its a part of learning. I say it all the time but here it is, 'its not what you do with what happens to you, its what you do with what happens to you.'

'The customer is the most important person in the world' NO. they may be right but not important. Its yourself. Focusing on yourself will bring more good to the both of you than focusing on the customer. when you are in a good mood everyone around you will be too. It stems from there. You have control, the path you take sets the mood. Don't be emo. It take twice as much effort to be negative than to be positive. Maybe that's why you're tired at the end of an argument. negative ppl are worse than negative occurences. Cuz the argument maybe over in a couple minutes, but a negative person may hang around for years. Get rid of them.

Your choices. So if you think you can, or if you think you can't, you're right! but which right determines your attitude and ppl see it. Say you pick a negative aspect. What does that bring you? drained energy, cockblock positive thoughts, stress, illness, errors, cock block creativity, reduce productivity, anger, prolong pain, affect your listening, affect how you communicate, affect how you deal, and take fun out of life. Do you like that? If you chose this path you know why? probably someone did you wrong, need more money than you have, outside influence / pressures, bad luck, dont like where you live, dont like your spouse / boss/ coworkers / job / yourself. Sucks to be you if you live like that.

On the positive side, learn from my mentality, which i try to make my practice, but its the thought that counts and opens the door to a better attitude. These things bust the things that bring the negative. If you know me, you've seen it. Random acts of kindness, material things are replaceable, anything funny, meditation, pep talks, helping others without expectations, small daily success, small achievements, anything inspirational / motivational, killing others with kindness, etc etc, just observe me i guess.

Be selfish, I am and it really shows. But not in the way you think or most ppl think. Im positive selfish. I do it for someone else / want to help someone else cuz it makes me feel good. I want to build the best attitude for myself so i can be the best person i can be for others.

Start being a person ppl can see and say is great. be nice, be kind, smile, make friends, say nice things, praise others, take responsibility, be proud of your work and accomplishments and most of all, don't worry be happy like that annoying song. Do this and instead of being sorry, you'll be thankful. And by thankful i mean when you can substitute 'im sorry' with 'thank you, i appreciate......' you will be amazed, get the truth faster, make you better and gain respect of others. It works. and when you are asked something, instead of bitching or making excuses, start with something positive like, great! / no problem! / I think i can help! / cool! / Can do! / Consider it done.

Want change, take personal actions. Admit its no ones fault but your own. Understand you always have / had a choice. If you think its ok, it is, but if you think it is not ok, its not. Invest your time, don't spend it. Study the thoughts and writings of positive people. Be aware of your choice of half full / half empty. Avoid negative works. Say what you like about someone not what you dont. Help others without expectations or measuring. Don't be the head complainer. Celebrat both victory and defeat. and count your blessings everyday. Be the little engine that could. its not a childrens book if it benefits you.

Want tips? Easy. At home, praise others, dont belittle, you know the buttons, dont push them. Your significant other, be a partner not spouse, surprise them, complement, be humorous not making fun of, stay affectionate, and take interest in their interests. At work, use positive language, help without measure, be an example, ask questions, dont join the bashing, dont join the pity party, solve than complain, quit whining. Easy to come up with, but can you do it?

Look around you. Its your enviroment and associations that make your attitude. If your not happy, change it, convert them, restructure and influence. I have this rule of thumb. I do something cuz i like it and thought it would be fun, could get closer to my goals or had the opportunity. So when i try something and tell someone about it and they give me some crap like, 'You're crazy!', these things tell me you are a 'your crazy' person. To me a 'you crazy' person is just there to make me feel stupid, inadequate or incapable of making good judgments. I try to avoid you ppl. I can spot you a mile away cuz you tell me to get a real job, share your examples of failure, ridicule my judgment, make fun of my imagined outcome, or tell me ill fail. Why can't you be a friend and be on my side regardless? Ill tell you why. you have fucking limited self-image, fucking low self esteem, a low opinion of me, jealous and envious of me, your situation sucks, your attitude sucks, and you are fucking stupid. Basically you suck and are cynical and fully incapable of encouragement cuz you would rather see me as a failure like you. You know what i say to your negative attitude, 'Cool. You aint me." How I deal with you? I LOOK. Look at your car, career, attitude, success, lifestyle, happiness. Would i trade places, who's crazy? I try to not retaliate, i strive to rise above, very hard to do for me. Like that song says, don't talk about it, be about it. Watch me succeed. 'the main reason ppl rain on my parade is that they dont have a parade of their own.' If you really read up until now, I applaude you. You either want this too, or you are mocking me, but thats your choice and i want you to take a careful look at what choice you made, and apply it your what you learned.

Want to live awesomely? Decide you want it. Set a goal. Start the day with something positive. Get rid of negative ppl in your life. Avoid negative things. Avoid violence on TV, like the news. Ignore idiots. Turn off the TV and do something productive. Aurround yourself in success. Smile. Respond positively to everything.

So the movie comes out DEC 19. I won't be watching this one.
Don't judge me, be me.