so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

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it was fun while it lasted

so after all this time, i am saying goodbye to you. you have always been there to take me away from it all. even when i wasnt there for you when you are around, i still made time for you, and even for that hour you gave to me, you gave me your all, despite regularly scheduled interruptions, but what ever happens, happens. i couldn't control it, so i just tolerated it. but now i have to give you up, thanks for the memories, and the memories i made my own. you made me feel like someone in a world where i had to be someone and i have you to thank. but its time to move on. I don't know why,but it seems unfair to me cuz i know you'll go on even without me,
maybe our whole time together was a lie, my time with you has expired I no longer care to pretend its forever. i cant hold onto the past, i must move on. i'll miss you, they were my children too.