so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

it was fun while it lasted

so after all this time, i am saying goodbye to you. you have always been there to take me away from it all. even when i wasnt there for you when you are around, i still made time for you, and even for that hour you gave to me, you gave me your all, despite regularly scheduled interruptions, but what ever happens, happens. i couldn't control it, so i just tolerated it. but now i have to give you up, thanks for the memories, and the memories i made my own. you made me feel like someone in a world where i had to be someone and i have you to thank. but its time to move on. I don't know why,but it seems unfair to me cuz i know you'll go on even without me,
maybe our whole time together was a lie, my time with you has expired I no longer care to pretend its forever. i cant hold onto the past, i must move on. i'll miss you, they were my children too.

new world

So having a black president enforces the whole childhood lesson, ' you can be what you wanna be' etc etc not sure how it goes. but the new president is a great thing for the parents of this day to use as an example of reaching for the stars. what a great day for the underdogs alike. but on the flip side, the saying ' what ever happens, happens' is dealt by two kinds of people. those who have gravely given up, and those who are on the side the grass is greener. being opinionated is what makes us unique. but sooner than later someone fucks up, and lessons are learned the hard way.

mercTV: monster shots

who want to kill the monster?