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Twitter Updates 2.2: FeedWitter

Last year I met a new friend
we didn't connected right away
we talked and laughed, smiled and giggled.
She was a great person I have to say.

I've only known you for a little while
But even now you can make me smile
You know how to listen and how to get through
I'm glad that I am friends with you

I listen to you and you listen to me
A friendship like ours is hard to find
We are the keys to set each other free
I feel at times we read each others mind

Thanks for being my friend and just for being you
I hope that I have helped you in the way that you help me
I know that you are there for me as I am here for you
Having you to turn to helps me face reality

She always had a friendly smile,
I always had a different thought,
and we both had this friend connection
that just can't be taught.

The sun is going down,
its time to say goodnight.
We talked a little bit more
just like true friends talk, not fight.

Even though I act shy,
where many men have fell.
Ill never forget my new true friend
that let me speak my mind and will never tell.


merc said...

im such a bitch