so ramdon. so wierd. so waht.

corny ya sir gerry

So almost 5K later, the cornea replacement in my one eye is done. I wasn't able to keep my old cornea, which is crap because its mine. and I didnt get to opt for an animal cornea. and I wasn't offered options like zoom, xray, or radar. not even color choice. its my but soon I'll be able to see who I've really been hanging out with. if you have to ask, I probably will dismiss you. At least now I'm going to be even awesomer at things I do. I will thank my one friend for helping me get psychologically prepared and staying up with me for the hours up until the surgery. thanks, you know who you are. My left hand has two misses for the IV cuz I'm really ticklish and I hit the anesthesiologist twice, so they had to sedate me and he got my in the right wrist. random fact: I can tickle myself.